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Rachel Platten Opens Up About Motherhood One Month After Baby Violet's Birth

If there's one thing that's come along with social media, it's the feeling that you're good friends with your favorite celebrities. Many of them use social media in similar ways that you do: To keep followers (be they friends, family members, or fans) up to date on the happenings in your life. And singer Rachel Platten is no exception. Rachel Platten opens up about her emotions one month after baby Violet Skye's birth.

Platten, crooner of such hits as Fight Song and You Belong has opened up online and to the media about her experience having first child Violet Skye, with PopSugar reporting that the singer's initial exhaustion and emotional zigzag after baby had her worried about postpartum depression.

As Us Weekly added, Platten and husband Kevin Lazan welcomed their daughter on Jan. 26. Since then, her Instagram has been filled with humorous musings regarding breastfeeding, the changes to her body, her all-too-natural exhaustion, and her feelings for gorgeous little Violet.

"Little angel Violet will be one month tomorrow and that is wonderful 💕. BUT here’s what’s not so wonderful: I’m so tired. I’m soooo hormonal. My shoulders and back hurt from nursing ... I cry randomly like big weepy crying just because," Platten confessed in an Instagram post.

"I miss my friends, but i also don't want a ton of visitors because that feels overwhelming too? ... I miss working out. I miss my family on the east coast ... I wanted to be the one who recovered SO fast and showed everyone just how doable and seamless having a baby can be and be perfect at it! But here’s what I’m learning. There’s no perfect here. You fail every day but you do your best and that is enough. You see a tiny little hint of a smile and it ABSOLUTELY melts your heart."

Naturally, fans responded to the singer's optimistic-yet-honest assessment of first-time motherhood: "Aw, i love you so much! Im not a mom, but I can tell that you’re doing a great job! You go girly! 💖💖😊," wrote one.

Another fan related though more directly: My wife and I have a 1 year old so we can relate to you. It gets better....we are praying for you!" A third was the voice of experience: "It will get better. It will I promise...You’re a mom!! It’s the best job in the world. Big hug."

Being a creative type, Platten isn't afraid to be honest with her emotions: During her pregnancy, for example, she detailed how a comment about her body looking different crushed her. (I get it, Rachel. It's amazing that people make comments to pregnant strangers seemingly every day.)

As the Today show confirmed, Platten, a booster of the body positivity movement, still wasn't immune from feeling the pain when someone told her "hips and butt looked bigger."

Post-baby, when Platten took a brief break to hit up a Grammy party, mingling with other musician moms such as Christina Perri, naturally, fans had opinions of that, too.

"It was the first time I had gone out [since Violet’s birth] and I timed it really well," Platten explained to People. "I knew she had an hour and a half to sleep and the event was close by." Still, after getting criticism online for her brief escape from another mom, Platten seemed nonplussed.

"I’m sure the shaming is going to keep going because I’ve heard from my mom friends that it’s really normal," Platten continued. "I hope that I can just respond with love and education. I hope I don’t let it get to me too much."

Human as she is, Platten is entitled to all her feelings, from being emotional and sleep-deprived to not exactly jumping for joy when someone critiques her newfound mom skills.

Still, I know she's going to make it through, judging by her strength — and, of course, her big love for her daughter.

I love Platten's persistence, and she's going to nail this parenting thing.