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Rachel Platten's Instagram Posts About Being A Mom Are Very Honest

Diapering... Cuddling... Pumping at 3 a.m. and, if you do get out of the house for a second, forgetting to tuck in your shirt... new moms know all about it. So they'll likely appreciate the honesty that celebrity moms seem to be embracing on social media. And Rachel Platten's Instagram posts about baby Violet Skye show what early motherhood is really like. For better or for worse.

The "Fight Song" singer, who Us Weekly noted first revealed her baby's gender on Good America America by picking between two onesies, a pink and a blue, also unveiled a new song in the months before the birth of baby Violet — her first child with husband Kevin Lazan, as People confirmed.

After a pregnancy during which Platten shared the ups and downs that come with pregnancy on her social media — the exhaustion, the sense that you're not your old, skinny, rock-star self — little Violet Skye Lazan entered the world on Jan. 26, the singer posted in a since-deleted Instagram.

"Born delicious & cuddly on 1.26, early in the am," Platten captioned a photo after baby's arrival.

"There is so much about this massive love that I want to share but don’t yet know how to. I am sure the words will come soon. For now we are busy falling deeeeply in love (and keeping our heads above water)," she wrote.

Platten is known for being super-relatable and honest with fans, which is probably why she's had such a massive following since getting famous.

During her pregnancy, as Us Weekly noted, she shared everything online, from her joy at the big news to her subsequent morning sickness to later feelings that she was uncertain how she would actually manage it all once the baby arrived (welcome to the club, Rachel).

Once little Violet Skye arrived (love the name!), Platten's struggle to juggle it all became all the more understandable.

After all, she revealed — not long after giving birth — that she is joining the Pentatonix on tour this summer. Then she announced a partnership with Pampers to promote the brand's Swaddlers with Heart Quilts diapers. New babies use many diapers, after all.

In true Platten spirit, the inspirational singer also shared a behind-the-scenes moment of what her life was like when she attempted to get dressed up and get out of the house briefly for a pre-Grammys event hosted by Bebe Rexha and featuring fellow mom/musician Christina Perri.

(Where she looked great, but apparently forgot to tuck in half her shirt. I thought it was on purpose.)

"Caught a cute glimpse of myself at 3am and thought I’d #blessyourfeed and put to rest the whole 'wow Rach you look so recovered and not tired wtf' vibe," she captioned another photo, in reference, no doubt, to the previous post about getting out of the house for the Grammy event.

"Yesterday (going out to an event and getting cute) was empowering but SUCH an anomaly and this is way more realistically me most of the past 2 weeks. I mostly just don’t want any other moms feeling less than because of me only sharing half the truth," she revealed.

Well-rested or not, this busy mama is focused on doing her job as best as she can. "...My goal for this next year is just to be the absolute best mother I can be," Platten told L.A. Travel Magazine last November. "To give as much love and be as patient and open as possible, and to remember that this little soul I’m lucky enough to be growing is going to teach me so much."

Aww. I just love this singer, and her drive to bring something positive to the world. The beginning with a newborn can be chaotic, but there's no question this musical mama can get through it. Remember to take pictures, Rachel. You get so tired with an infant, it's easy to forget some of the small moments!