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Rachel Platten's Message About Working Moms Is Refreshingly Real

Whether you work full-time, part-time, or stay at home with the kids, being a parent is hard. Each arrangement comes with its unique challenges and benefits, and there's no one "right" way to do it. With that said, many parents find it difficult to share their feelings when it comes to the tough parts of their particular situation. (Because showing any sign of not having it all together will surely bring out the trolls.) However, Rachel Platten's message about working moms is refreshingly real.

In case you missed it, the "Fight Song" singer recently welcomed her first child — a baby girl named Violet Skye — with husband Kevin Lazan, according to People. Baby Violet is about 6 weeks old at this point, and Platten has already gotten a taste of working motherhood. On Sunday, March 10, Platten was getting dolled up for the premiere of Wonder Park — for which she recorded a song called "Wonder "when she decided to share her all-too-relatable thoughts about being a working mom.

"Before i post the red carpet finished situation vibe i just want to give a real glimpse into how this is going down. Pretttyyyy chaotic," Platten wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of baby Violet breastfeeding while she sits in a chair getting her hair and makeup done. "I definitely wanted to hide in bed this am with Violet and not do this whole thing. I realized I’ve never done a carpet without feeling A+ skinny and fake tanned and highlighted hair and on top of my game bla bla bla." She continued:

But my amazing fellow mama @colleen who is coming on my arm reminded me last night, that we don’t have to be ashamed of not having it altogether, in fact we should be proud of being working mamas just figuring out how to balance it all. Ok lesss go.

Editor's Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Platten's Instagram followers were all for her empowering message. One person commented, "I love this sooooo much. @rachelplatten THIS is a photo of having it all together. You are doing it!!! And bringing us mamas together to embrace what real looks like. It’s more beautiful than glossy."

Another Instagram user wrote, "Awww thank you for sharing this. I love how raw and vulnerable this is. You show us that, it’s okay to be human, it’s okay to be flawed. Much love Rachel."

For the record, Platten looked amazing at the premiere. (And honestly, her "not having it altogether" look is still infinitely better than the rare occasion that I do feel like I have it all together.) Check out this kick-butt working mama!

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"I was really excited to contribute the song 'Wonder' to the movie," Platten told Bionic Buzz on the red carpet ahead of the premiere. "It's about a little girl who's ingenious and brave and creates her own reality. And that's a message that I obviously am I a fan of."

The Bionic Buzz interviewer then congratulated her on being a new mom. "Thank you so much. My baby is at home," Platten replied. "I pumped in the car and I've got Spanx on. And I'm doing great." (LOL, spoken like a real working mom just getting back into the swing of things.)

"And you're killing it," the interviewer added. Amen.

Oh, and in case you haven't heard, Wonder Park hits theaters on Thursday, March 15, according to Deadline. So be sure to load up the kids this weekend, head out to your nearest movie theater, and listen for Rachel Platten's new song. Because I have a feeling this BA working mom has yet another inspiring message for us.