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Rachel Platten's Thoughts About Her First Post-Baby Concert Is So Relatable

Going back to work after having a baby can be riddled with anxiety ± even for parents who enjoy their work. As maternity leave draws to an end, new moms might worry if they'll be able to juggle parenthood with the demands of their jobs. Do they still have what it takes to succeed in their career? Can they really "have it all"? The fear of the unknown and of not measuring up can be intense. And Rachel Platten's thoughts about her first concert since becoming a mom should be required reading.

In case you missed the exciting news, the "Fight Song" singer and her husband Kevin Lazan welcomed their first child in January, according to ET Online. Platten delivered a baby girl they named Violet on Jan. 26, Us Weekly reported. “Introducing Violet Skye Lazan,” she captioned an Instagram photo of herself holding her newborn. “Born delicious & cuddly on 1.26, early in the am. There is so much about this massive love that i want to share but don’t yet know how to. I am sure the words will come soon. For now we are busy falling deeeeply in love (and keeping our heads above water). Thank YOU all so much for your kindness and support and curiosity and gentleness as i fumbled my way through this crazy brutal amazing journey to get here to motherhood. Wow. I’m a mom. :))) Xoxo, rach.”

Now that baby Violet is coming up on 2-and-a-half months old, it looks like Platten is testing the waters in the post-baby live concert realm. She took to Instagram on Friday, April 12 to share the fears she had about returning to this part of her life after becoming a mom. "I was really unsure of how it would be to play my first concert after having a baby. I had this secret brooding fear for my whole pregnancy that I’d never be the same on stage again, that I’d not have the same ability to fill a stage and audience with my joy and love or that the travel would knock me out," she wrote. "It just seemed like it would be one or the other and that i wouldn’t have enough to give if i had to give to my baby. I thought having a baby meant giving up who i was in a little bit of a way."

Incredibly relatable, right? As it turns out, though, Platten couldn't have been more wrong. Because her first concert since giving birth was a reminder that she can "have it all," and so can the rest of us. "Violet has only filled me with more creativity, joy and this huge indescribable love and when i got on stage yesterday and heard all 8,000 of you screaming and the pyro blasting (kind of a surprise ha!) i suddenly realized how much MORE i had to give," the new mom wrote. "How much more i had to share and how eager i was to blast the audience with super duper empathy and love. I also realized how much more vulnerably i could share. There wasn’t this huge ego of mine getting in the way. It wasn’t really about me anymore if that makes sense???" She continued:

We think we are limited because we’ve read it somewhere? Heard it somewhere? Seen it? But it’s not true my loves. So if you’re like me and doubting you won’t have enough of you to give in some way - remember we are not the source of this love. I believe there is a higher wayyyy cooler endless source for us to draw from and all we gotta do is remember to ask. So ask :)

Technically, this isn't Platten's first work obligation since her baby girl was born. On Sunday, March 10, Platten got all dolled up for the premiere of Wonder Park, according to Just Jared. She had recorded a song called "Wonder" for the movie, and decided to share some thoughts about working motherhood via Instagram. "Before i post the red carpet finished situation vibe i just want to give a real glimpse into how this is going down. Pretttyyyy chaotic," Platten captioned a photo of Violet breastfeeding while mama got her makeup and hair done. "I definitely wanted to hide in bed this am with Violet and not do this whole thing. I realized I’ve never done a carpet without feeling A+ skinny and fake tanned and highlighted hair and on top of my game bla bla bla."

Spoiler alert: She didn't hide in bed and looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet.

Rachel Platten is clearly killing this whole working mom thing, right? Still, it's comforting to know that she has many of the same fears the rest of us do about returning to work after having a baby. Keeping killing it out there, mama!