Rachel Zoe's Collab With Pottery Barn Kids & Teen Is *So* Stylish (& Full Of Sequins)

Looking to add a touch of glamour to your baby's nursery? Have an older child who's in the midst of developing her personal style, which is code for sequins (lots of sequins)? You're in luck. Today, Rachel Zoe's Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen line officially launches. The collection encompasses decor and accessories that are functional yet glamorous for the nursery, playroom, and bedroom. We're talking gold embroidery and velvet. Faux fur, animal prints and geometric shapes. Sequins and metallics. "I die!" to quote Zoe, the designer, editor, author, and entrepreneur, who you may also know from her reality TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project, which aired for five seasons on Bravo.

In Zoe's nursery collection, you'll find everything from soft and whimsical butterfly-themed linens (from $22.50-$199) and pink blush sequin pillows to a more modern 'Play All Day' neon sign and a sleek white glider and ottoman ($599- $1,299) that is all about smooth lines and ultimate comfort. Playroom additions include a very cool ride-on race car and a Rachel Zoe doll, styled after one of Zoe's favorite red carpet looks (complete with accessories, of course). For the modern nursery-seeking mama-to-be, I can already envision items like Zoe's giraffe plush nursery rocker and a luxe faux fur leopard baby blanket ($59.50) on many a baby shower registry in the near future. In these collections, Zoe is making space for playful yet chic designs, and I'm loving all of it.

The Pottery Barn Teen collection also takes inspiration from Rachel Zoe’s fashion line and glamorous signature style. Upon shopping the collection, you'll discover a gold chain fringe table lamp ($199) and chandelier, sequin sheer drapes, and a metallic sunburst quilt with embroidered stitching. Highlighting her love of both accessories, organization and catch phrases, the collection also includes an assortment of jewelry boxes, beaded pouches, and an armoire, bedside table, and bookcase with gold metal finish. Her white ultra-soft Faux Fur Cave Chair ($799)? That deserves a category all on its own. As a true believer in finding yourself in your teenage years, Zoe opts for charming accents that will encourage teens to express and create individuality.

In an interview with Romper, Zoe tells me that her collaboration with Pottery Barn was absolutely influenced by her own two children. "I definitely used their bedrooms as a touchstone in my inspiration and creative process for these collections. Skyler and Kaius both have large beds with a bunch of soft white pillows and blankets that make them feel like they're laying in clouds, and we have incorporated plush lounge chairs and couches in their rooms that are incredibly comfy to read on. They also love animals, so their rooms are filled with animal art imagery and large stuffed animals which they love and make them feel safe at night," she says. When it comes to her sons' own favorite pieces from the collection, Zoe says they love the neon sign and toy car, but she's more partial to the black and white ottoman.

It's not always easy to let kids decorate their own rooms or find their own style, but it is important. And while the Pottery Barn collection obviously reflects Zoe's own style, it's perfect for teens mixing and matching and finding their own look. "Decorating a home is a natural extension of my process as a designer and stylist, and I truly enjoy doing it. My advice to teens is to stay true to who they are and allow their individual style to be reflected in both their personal style and bedrooms, all while being age appropriate," she tells Romper.