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Raddish Kids

Here's How To Get A Free Raddish Kids Cooking Kit Sent To Your Door

If you're one of the millions of parents who found yourself #SuddenlyHomeschooling this week, you're probably struggling to find ways to keep your kids engaged and entertained while they're stuck at home. In an attempt to help out families like yours during the coronavirus pandemic, the award-winning kids culinary subscription kit and cooking club Raddish Kids is giving away 25,000 free kits, but you'll have to act super fast.

Starting tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 19 at 9 a.m. PST, you can visit to order your free kit (ordinarily priced at $24). The complimentary kit, Swedish Eats, "celebrates traditions and flavors from Sweden" in an effort to help kids to "explore other cultures while traveling is restricted," according to a press release. Best for kids in elementary and middle grades, the kit includes three laminated illustrated recipe guides (for Swedish Meatballs, Scandinavian Smorgasbord and Nordic Cinnamon Buns) and includes a kid-size cooking tool, apron patch and learning activity. You can also access free content including an at-home cooking camp program, recipes to make with pantry staples, and "additional learning extensions across science, geography, language arts and more." All you need to cover is shipping ($4).

But here's the thing: You'll need to snag your free kit super fast. How do we know? Because Raddish actually started this initiative on March 13, when they set out to give 10,000 free kits away... and ended up giving away 25,000. Now, they're offering 25,000 more (bringing the total to 50,000 free kits!), and you can be sure there are plenty of families determined not to miss out this time.

Raddish Kids

“As a working mom, I know firsthand the impact that school closures have on families,” said Raddish Kids founder Samantha Barnes in a press release. “We hope these free kits are a helpful resource for parents and inspire family togetherness during this period of social distancing.”

A former educator who has homeschooled her own kids, Barnes knows a thing or two about keeping kids busy at home. “The kitchen is the perfect place to cultivate academic skills like math, science, geography, culture, reading, among other subjects outside of the traditional classroom,” she continued. To that end, both educators and chefs help to design Raddish kits. They're challenging, but not too challenging, and give kids a way to meet a tangible goal in the course of a few hours. That feeling of accomplishment is sure to go a long way during a week filled with frustrations. (And if you don't score a free kit for some reason, Raddish is still providing free online content including recipes, activities, and a guide to making your own at-home cooking camp as well as hosting regular cook-a-longs on Facebook.)

Plus, you get to eat Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns. Doesn't get better than that.

A previous version of this article cited the date of the giveaway as March 29; it has been corrected.