Radio Flyer's Sale To Celebrate National Little Red Wagon Day Ends Tonight

It so happens that, I, a mom of three girls, missed National Daughter Day (Sept. 25) last year. Ditto for National Doughnut Day (June 7), International Coffee Day (Oct. 1) and — most tragically — National Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9). This time, history will not repeat itself. Today happens to be National Little Red Wagon Day... and I'm on top of it. In fact, Radio Flyer's sale to celebrate National Little Red Wagon Day is here, or did you forget?

As People reported, this national day of importance (that you never knew about) is being acknowledged by the brand-name company that made the contraption famous to begin with.

Radio Flyer is offering 15 to 50 percent off its products on Wednesday, March 27 out of respect for the calendar date that it is. And while you can still get a good discount on a, say, a scooter, the deepest discounts of up to half off are being taken in the "Custom Build-A-Wagon" category, which is appropriate for kids 1 1/2 and up.

Parents can choose from several types of wagon bases, including plastic, all-wood, steel and wood, or folding, with a base price of $109.

That's not bad when you consider the years of memories one of these babies can bring you and your kids... taking it to the corner store or park, using it on trips when kids get tired, taking it to beach boardwalk for the day, or just for a stroll for ice cream.

This smooth scarlet ride will also save your life each and every Halloween, when your kids refuse to walk anymore, three Reese's Peanut Butter Cups later.

And don't think the LRW will go out of style anytime soon just because you have young children. One day, your bigger kids will use it for all sorts of other purposes, from toting their Science Fair project to fifth grade to using it as a camera dolly for a middle-school horror film. The wagon will be old and chipped by then, but the memories live on.

For the moment, though, today's celebration is a good reminder to me that in our tech-heavy world, a little old-fashioned sunshine can always replace screen time for a family. Grab a wagon and get outside with your kids, like countless generations prior.

National holiday website Checkiday noted that this holiday has only been around a couple years now (so don't feel too bad if you missed it). Created in 2016 in anticipation of Radio Flyer turning 100, the website noted that today's holiday helps nurture children's development and imagination.

The company that would become Radio Flyer was started by Antonio Pasin, a craftsman in Chicago, Checkiday noted. Customers took notice of the little carts he took his tools around in, and wanted to purchase them for themselves. Pasin began making them as a full-time business, the site detailed, founding the Liberty Coaster Company in 1923.

The Radio Flyer wagon participated in the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, solidifying its popularity, although production of any wagons that included steel had to cease during the war in the next decade, according to the company website.

By the 1970s, the brand had introduced many other products, including scooters, trikes, and motocross bikes. In 1987, the company officially changed its name to Radio Flyer Inc. in a nod to its most enduring item.

And while many versions and knockoffs have been made over the years, with everything from wagons for adults to themed versions for various movies, there really only is one little red wagon that will give you and your kids lasting memories, a little adventure and some fresh air.