Ragu Has Voluntarily Recalled These Jars Of Pasta Sauce

Pasta is a staple in many homes, so parents will want to take notice of a new food recall. Over the weekend, some Ragu pasta sauces have been voluntarily recalled nationwide amid concerns it may contain pieces of plastic. Mizkan America, Inc. — the company that owns Ragu — announced the recall on June 14, sharing that only select products were affected. Consumers have been asked to check any Ragu jars currently in their cabinets or fridge, and to toss them if the codes match those being pulled.

Mizkan America, Inc. said in a press release regarding the recall that no injuries have been reported as a result of the "fragments of plastic" feared to have made it into jars of Ragu pasta sauce. Still, the company has decided to pull select products from store shelves, and is asking that consumers check best-by dates and codes to be sure the products haven't made it into their homes.

Recalled Ragu sauces include the Ragu Chunky Tomato, Garlic, and Onion in 45 oz. and 66 oz. with the cap codes JUN0520YU2 and JUN0620YU2 and matching best use by dates. Mizkan America, Inc. also recalled 66 oz. jars of Ragu Old World Style Traditional and Ragu Old World Style Meat sauces with the cap codes JUN0420YU2 and JUN0520YU2.

"This voluntary recall is limited to the past sauces with these specific production codes, which were distributed nationwide," Mizkan America,Inc. said in a press release. "No other production codes/dates, sizes or varieties of Ragu pasta sauces are affected by this recall."

In a statement to Romper, a Ragu spokesperson further confirmed that only the listed sauces are affected by the recall. She explained that the recall was issued "out of an abundance of caution." Mizkan America, Inc. said in its release that it believed most of the affected "production run is in its control," though at least a few potentially affected jars of sauce "were shipped to customers."

"This recall is related to a limited number of three varieties and was taken out of an abundance of caution," a spokesperson for Ragu told Romper in a statement. "... the safety of our customers is always our #1 priority and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Consumers who have purchased one of the impacted products with the specific Cap and Best-By Codes should reach out to our Customer-Service Team at: 800-328-7248."

Though food recalls may seem abundant nowadays, Ragu hasn't had to issue one since 2006, when Mizkan America, Inc. pulled 1,000 jars of pasta sauce distributed in North Carolina and 14 other states, according to Insurance Journal, for containing undeclared milk. Insurance Journal stated that the company feared consumers with allergies or sensitivities to dairy risked serious, and even life-threatening, reactions if they consumed Old World Style and Marinara versions of Ragu's sauces.

Recalls are always a bit concerning, but it's always reassuring to know companies are taking action to remove comprised products and alert customers of possible issues. Before you stress about potentially having fed recalled pasta sauce to your kids or toss all your Ragu in the trash, be sure to check the cap codes and sell-by dates. If the numbers don't match, you're clear to keep serving up easy Italian dinners to your family. If they do, just toss them, contact the company, and head to the store for a different jar.