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Ramsay Bolton Kills Osha On ‘Game Of Thrones’ & Now Rickon Is All Alone

Whenever someone walks into a room alone with Ramsay Bolton, the fear is on. However, the wildling Osha is also a character who knows how to handle herself. If anyone could pull a fast one on Ramsay, it certainly seems like it could be her. Unfortunately Osha ended up being the latest victim in a long line. Ramsay kills Osha on Game of Thrones and it leaves little baby Rickon more alone than ever.

When Osha first stepped into Ramsay's room, it definitely seemed like things might go her way. The vibe was tense, but Osha knew how to deflect, how to answer any of Ramsay's questions in a way that made it seem like she might be on his side instead. She downplayed her connection to the Starks and to Rickon, claiming she was only keeping him around to sell him off one day – he'd get a pretty good price, after all. Ramsay looked like he was falling for it; he even seemed impressed by Osha. Perhaps he thought he'd found himself a new Myranda?

The entire time Osha kept her eyes on the knife on the table. The problem was that to get it, she had to get close to Ramsay – and that was her downfall.

Osha climbed into Ramsay's lap in another ploy to distract him while she moved for the knife, but he was faster. Ramsay has already taken down one victim just this season with an unexpected stabbing when he killed his father, and he pulled a very similar move on Osha. While she was distracted trying to grab the knife, Ramsay stabbed her in the throat with a knife of his own. I guess it's not a surprise that he always has one secreted on his person in case any stabbing emergencies arise.

It's unfortunate enough that Osha is gone just as she returned to our screens; she was a pretty cool character in her own right and it would have been great to see her do more. It's even more unfortunate that she didn't get to take Ramsay down with her as she went. What's even worse is that without her and without Shaggydog, Rickon is without his two protectors. He's all on his own against Ramsay Bolton, and fans have seen how others fared in the same situation. It really doesn't look good for the youngest Stark.

The only upside is that Jon and Sansa know where Rickon is now and, hopefully, they can come and save him. They should just keep their eyes open for any knives when they're not looking – especially Jon. He's had problems with that before.