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Ramsay Dies On 'Game Of Thrones' & Sansa's Revenge Is So Worth It

During The Battle of the Bastards, the Stark siege of Winterfell seems shot to hell until the Knights of the Vale ride in on their high horses and save the day — and Jon's ass. After beating him to near death, Jon ties Ramsay up in the crypt. And then Sansa steps in. She feeds Ramsay to his dogs and Ramsay dies on Game of Thrones and dear Lord Beysus in Heaven, it's the blessing I've waited seasons for. With Wun Wun at his side, Jon takes off after Ramsay as he retreats inside the walls of Winterfell after seeing the Knights of the Vale ride in. Jon Snow and his Wildling army might've seemed down for the count (and TBH I still don't understand the literal importance of that long, drawn-out scene where Jon is almost being trampled to death — though I get it's very metaphorical), but the Knights of the Vale riding in was enough to spark new life into anyone.

Though Wun Wun was killed by a steady stream of bow and arrows to the back and chest (and a final shot to the eye, courtesy of — who else — Ramsay), it isn't enough to send Ramsay cowering into hiding. He takes Jon up on his earlier offer of a man-to-man battle, and what happens next shouldn't surprise anyone: Ramsay loses. But that's not the final nail in his coffin. Oh no, not yet. It's Sansa Stark who'll deliver that achingly perfect blow.

Sansa beautifully, wonderfully, effortless, perfectly feeds Ramsay Bolton to the dogs, and I'm pretty sure the world erupted in applause. Ever since Ramsay Bolton raped and tortured Sansa on their wedding night, I've been hoping that the writers of Game of Thrones would allow her to be the one to kill Ramsay, however and whenever that happened. And at the beginning of Season 6 when Brienne took her loyal oath to serve Sansa forever, I hoped that if it couldn't be Sansa who killed Ramsay, it'd be Brienne instead. I so desperately wanted it to be a woman who killed him.

I pictured him helpless and pleading somewhere, begging a woman to spare him his life. Then I pictured that woman — Sansa, Brienne, Lady Stoneheart, if she played a role on the show — to deliver just one second of that terror he was notorious for back to Ramsay Bolton. Just one second, I reasoned, would be enough. Just one second would be worth it. Would that second be long enough to make up all the harm he's done to his victims in six seasons of the show? Of course not, but I just wanted one second of that fear — a flicker across his face would do — and then I wanted him to be gone. Forever. I just wanted him to disappear.

But on Sunday night on Game of Thrones, the death of Ramsay Bolton was much, much better than I could've ever dreamed.

Using his own dogs against him — his beloved trained killers, the vehicles of his rampant violence — was perhaps the most baller Sansa Stark moment in a season filled with baller Sansa Stark moments. I love that she didn't have to put a finger on Ramsay to defeat him, and I love that Jon Snow understood the terror Ramsay inflicted on his sister enough to understand that he couldn't and shouldn't be the one to kill him. I love that Sansa's stone-cold glare never wavered. I love that the power tucked inside her revenge was palpable. I love that she took from him the one thing he thought would never fail him. Though I don't love that his source of terror became her source of survival, I love so much about Sansa Stark killing Ramsay Bolton that I could go on and on and on and on. To be honest, I could probably never stop singing her praises.

I don't see myself as someone who touts the "an eye for an eye" ideology, but in Game of Thrones, it totally works. I hated Ramsay Bolton. I still hate him. I can't imagine how much Sansa Stark must hate him. But I am thrilled Sansa fed him to the dogs. I'd say he earned that.