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Ranking Rory's 'Gilmore Girls' Boyfriends Because Everyone Has A Favorite

As the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life gets closer and closer, the rumors surrounding the show continue to swirl. It's already been confirmed that all of Rory's ex-boyfriends will be making an appearance in the four part revival event, but does that mean Rory will get back together with any of them? Could she possibly even marry one of them? It's too soon to tell and the cast and producers are staying tight lipped about what fans will see in the revival. Still, that hasn't stopped fans from ranking all of Rory's boyfriends on Gilmore Girls and stating which of Rory's exes she truly belongs with.

When it comes to Rory's exes, there's always been a team for each one. There's Team Dean, Team Jess, and Team Logan, and no matter what, you can never get them all to agree. That's because the truth is there's really only one guy that's perfect for Rory and if you disagree you're just wrong, there's no room for discussion. (Just kidding, I will talk about all things Gilmore Girls any time and any place.) So if you're still on the fence of which of Rory's former beaus you want to root for, take a look at my rankings below and see if you agree with who lands where. Please note that these rankings are listed from worst to best.

Dean Forester

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Dean was the perfect first boyfriend, there's no denying it. He was perfectly sweet, Lorelai loved him, and he even built Rory a car. Who does that? Still, as great as Dean was, he and Rory just didn't end up being the right fit. Dean loved living in a small town and had no big dreams of leaving it ever. And while nothing's wrong with that, Rory wanted and needed more. In the end, Dean just couldn't follow where Rory's big dreams were taking her.

Logan Huntzberger

Logan is quite frankly a good guy. He had his faults in the beginning, sure, but he turned himself around and got his life on track. The biggest issue with Logan was that, although Rory brought out the best in him, he didn't do the same for her. It was with him that she decided to take a break from Yale and got herself arrested and into a lot of problems. Of course, Rory is an adult and I can't blame Logan for her mistakes, but Rory belongs with someone that would motivate her in a more positive way.

Jess Mariano

Jess is the bad boy some girls dreamed about, but knew they should stay away from. But it's not high school Jess that's perfect for Rory, it's grown-up Jess. Although high school Jess was great in the way that he totally connected with Rory over books and their undeniable chemistry, it was seeing him find his own success at his book publishing company that made me confident that he was the perfect match for Rory. Jess understands what it is to have a dream and work toward them. He would always respect Rory's goals, which is why he was the one who was able to convince her to go back to Yale when she dropped out. Together they would both pursue their passions and push each other forward in the best way possible.

They belong together, plain and simple. So let's hope the Gilmore Girls revival finally gives them the happy ending they deserve.