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Raven-Symone's Birthday Party Featured Little People As Entertainment, & That's A Problem

In yet another stunningly bad decision, former child star and current cohost of The View Raven-Symoné recently threw herself a 30 birthday party at Beachers's Madhouse in Los Angeles, a venue that would probably have even Stefon from Saturday Night Live shaking his damn head. TMZ has a boatload of photos from the soirée, which, like a fictional New York club, really does have everything: Johnny Depp impersonators, sexy Elmos, Ariana's Grande's brother, and a Mini Kim and Kanye. What are Mini Kim and Kanye? Oh, you know, it's that thing where little people (or "midgets," as Beacher's Madhouse refers to them) dress up as the famous couple.

Also in attendance at Symoné's birthday? Comedian Kym Whitley, a knockoff Pooh and Tigger, a man dressed at Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911, model-turned-actress Garcelle Beauvais, and a few more little people (notably a fairy and a pope).

Raven, honey, can we talk? First came your refusal to identify as gay or African-American, then there was your insistence that it's not racist to call Michelle Obama an ape, followed by favorably comparing Rachel Dolezal to Caitlyn Jenner. Then you told Beyoncé to "put some pants on," you said you wouldn't hire someone named Watermelondrea, and you victim-blamed a black South Carolina teen who was assaulted by a school police officer. We know you're no stranger to controversy, but hiring little people as "entertainment" for your birthday party? Come on.

Are you OK, Raven? Are you being secretly controlled by Donald Trump? Is he some kind of real-life Kilgrave from Jessica Jones? Or are you of the school of thought that believes all publicity is good publicity, and all of this is good for ratings?

Do we need to get your old TV-stepmom, Lisa Bonet, to come talk some sense into you? Because using human beings as party décor is not a good look. And yes, I know that the employees of Beacher's Madhouse are "in on the joke," but that doesn't make it a good joke.

For your sake, and for the sake of everyone around you, please get yourself an education.

P.S. Love your hair, though.

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