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Raven Opened Up To Nick On ‘The Bachelor’

It's everyone's favorite time of the Bachelor season (well, ours anyway): fantasy suite time! With hometowns over and down to three women — Rachel, Vanessa, and Raven — Nick now has the opportunity to go to the fantasy suite with all of them. First up: Raven. Nick and Raven had an awesome time in her hometown of Hoxie, Arkansas, and now they traveled all the way to Finland to get it on (alright, to be a bit romantic and go on a date, too). Raven told Nick she loves him on The Bachelor — and those words mean a lot to her.

After playing darts and frolicking in the snow, it was time to get down to business: drinking wine and revealing secrets. Raven has apparently only been with one guy, her ex-boyfriend — which is presumably the same guy that Raven beat up with her stiletto when she discovered he was cheating on her. Not only that, but she never told him she loved him. Oh, and one more thing: he never made her orgasm. Raven drops bomb after bomb to Nick before entering the suite with him. Nick had his classic "deer in the headlights" look he does when women speak to him like this, but then he was completely moved when Raven said she loved him.

This is apparently the first time Raven's told a man she loves him. Earlier in the season, she revealed she's "starting to fall for him" — which I guess she takes as a wishy-washy "I love you." Regardless, Raven doesn't take the phrase lightly, and Nick recognizes that. What Nick may have had a harder time hearing, though, was that Raven's never had an orgasm. Since she's only ever been with her ex-boyfriend (and there doesn't seem to be any vibrators in Hoxie?), she doesn't have too much experience in that arena.

Will Nick and his thick turtleneck measure up? Will the cabin fantasy suite be as magical as Raven hopes? Unfortunately, since Monday's episode was only an hour long, we'll have to wait until next week to find out. Raven clearly let her guard down in Finland by professing her love to him, and revealing these details about her personal life. Hopefully it meant as much to Nick as it did to her, but whether he meets her expectations in the fantasy suite is still up in the air.