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Raven Had Some Thoughts About Krystal & Arie's 'Bachelor' Date

Alums of Bachelor Nation tend to stick around, on social media if not real life. Raven Gates, who was on Nick Viall's season last year, is live tweeting Arie's season and is not holding back. In fact, Raven's message about Krystal and Arie's Bachelor date could predict their future. During Monday's episode, Krystal had the second one-on-one date and it got really intimate really quick. I'm not talking physically; I'm talking about Arie bringing Krystal to his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona to see his childhood haunts like his high school and meet his parents. But something that Raven revealed may not bode well for Krystal.

Lest viewers forget, I'll give a refresher to Raven's first solo date with Nick last Bachelor season. Their one-on-one was in Nick's hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin. They weren't the only two to take the trip, as was the case with Krystal and Arie; all the contestants went for various dates. Raven's date, however, was more personal than the others. Raven and Nick went to his sister Bella's soccer game and Nick had Bella meet Raven because she was "a great judge of character." Raven had her own conversation with Bella, which I'm sure was pretty awkward at the time, but Bella approved of Raven. She said, "I really liked Raven. She's funny and she's pretty. She's really nice, and I really want another sister-in-law."

Well, Krystal's "hometown" date on Monday night's episode brought back memories for Raven. She took to Twitter for some cautionary words:

"Nick took me home on the first date too, Krystal," Raven wrote, adding, "and we all know how that ended up." Welp, yes, Bachelor Nation does: Raven ended up the runner-up on The Bachelor. I'm going to be honest, though: Krystal's date seemed even more intense than Raven's. The two took a plane together to Scottsdale and they took a tour of the sights. This included the Pizza Hut where Arie worked when he was 16 and his high school. Afterwards, the two spent time looking at Arie's family albums... and then home videos. Krystal saw Arie as a toddler and a baby, all on the first date! But it didn't stop there. Krystal met Arie's parents and talked about Arie's brother who just got married as well as their own marriage.

Whew. I don't know about other people, but that seems like a whole lot for a first date. It kept going later on in the night when the two had dinner. Krystal had a lot different upbringing than Arie; she isn't that close with some of her family members, and her brother, who she revealed is homeless, has refused her help. This was all very heavy for Krystal to reveal, and obviously for Arie to hear. Despite this, though, he seemed to take it with grace and be there for her. He gave her a rose, and she seemed grateful for the opportunity to not only get a glimpse into Arie's life, but to let him have a glimpse into hers.

According to Raven, though, this may not be the best thing to have happened. At the time, Bella said that Raven would be a worthy sister-in-law — aka, she gave Nick her approval to marry Raven. Despite that seal of approval, Nick chose Vanessa as the Bachelor winner. Well, it turned out just fine for Raven... and not so much for Nick and Vanessa. They broke up, while Raven went on Bachelor in Paradise and became engaged to Adam Gottschalk. So while Raven and Nick didn't end up together, she got her happy ending with someone else. Hopefully no matter what happens with Arie, the same can be said for Krystal.

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