Twitter Took This 'Bachelor' Elimination Hard

Week 6 on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor kicked off with yet another skipped cocktail party in exchange for an instant-rose ceremony. He cut a couple of favorites in New Orleans, but reactions to Alexis' elimination on The Bachelor overwhelmingly prove that Shark (/Dolphin) Girl won everyone's heart. When we first met Alexis, she seemed immediately recognizable as a gimmick contestant. Exiting the limo in costume instead of in a fancy ballgown has excellent meme potential, of course, but pretty low final rose potential.

To capture her passion for dolphins (she self-identified as an "Aspiring Dolphin Trainer," which also became the occupation listed in her lower third), the New Jersey native dressed up in a Left Shark costume to meet Nick for the first time. He attempted, in futility, to get Alexis to admit that she was dressed like a shark and not a dolphin, but she stuck to her guns and thus the nickname "Shark Girl" was born.

Nick seemed genuinely amused by Alexis and they seemed to enjoy a playful (probably mostly alcohol-fueled) chemistry. It was kind of like a lovable, drunk, college friends with benefits situation, which is cute and fun to watch, but probably didn't have much potential in the long term. Needless to say, Twitter was devastated over the loss of one of this season's more hilarious contestants.

Even Nick understood the impact of his actions!

Unfortunately, in spite of the cute moments Nick and Alexis shared — most of which were relegated to credits footage, because they were completely hilarious, but not exactly intimate or romantic — he chose to eliminate her in New Orleans. The two never had a one-on-one date, so it's not a huge surprise. Even though they clearly had a ton of fun cracking each other up on group dates — and even shared some solid make-out sessions! — it was pretty obvious from the get-go that Alexis wasn't going to have long-term potential.

To her credit, she seemed to sense this herself, and so she never really got in the way of the other women. She didn't pile on with the Corinne hate, like some of the more "serious" contenders, and she never really made too much fuss over "stealing Nick away" for more alone time. The pair seemed happy to hang out when they could, and honestly, Nick seemed as relaxed around her as he would around a guy friend. Hopefully, they're able to carry on some kind of platonic relationship (ideally, documented on Snapchat), since they really do seem to genuinely entertain each other.