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Reactions To Blake Lively's 'Booty' Instagram Post Show Twitter Is Seriously Divided


Blake Lively is many things, one of them being an active and cheerful social media user. Which is why it's not surprising that reactions to Blake Lively's "booty" Instagram post show how divided Twitter is. She captioned a photo of herself at the Cannes Film Festival in a tight gold dress, writing, "L.A. face with an Oakland booty." and people immediately freaked out. Lively has been accused all day of being "passively" racist or cop-opting women of color's bodies in the name of a punchline. Or she was mocking her larger than usual pregnant butt with a Sir Mix A Lot lyric. Either way.

The reactions to the post are all over the place. There are currently two camps of people: those who think it's funny and those who thinks it's super offensive. It's a little of both. It's somehow OK for Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back," to juxtapose Los Angeles, and its elegant whiteness, with Oakland, which has a large population of people of color. Lively maybe should have thought that caption out just a little bit longer. She's been accused of racism before, too. Her 2012 wedding to Ryan Reynolds was at South Carolina’s Boone Hall Plantation, which had slaves before the Civil War.

Baby Got Back

Lively has been at Cannes all week showing off her little baby bump on the red carpet. After her controversial post last night, she posted another pic from the back of a car showing off her hands and bejeweled handbag."Bibbidi bobbidi bling," she wrote. No one has tweeted yet about her appropriating slang. Up until Wednesday, she was making headlines for her looks and showing off her pregnant body. This might change things, though the actress hasn't responded yet. When things are this charged, it's probably better that she waits to make a statement, if at all.

Those find her caption insensitive and racist won't be appeased with a press release and other fans simply won't care. It's sort of a lose-lose for the star. Except that recently announced her second pregnancy with her husband Ryan Reynold's, so at least she has something else to think about. At least her and Reynolds seem to be able to lean on each other — remember when he carried their firstborn in the carrier the wrong way? These crazy kids are full of mistakes.

That Lively is trending after her caption, is really just a reminder that words matter. Use them wisely from now on.