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Reactions To Germany’s Rio Opening Ceremony Outfits Were Hilariously Evil

During the Rio Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night, each country paraded in front of the crowd and carried their country's flag with pride. But the opening ceremony isn't just a time for performance and flag display — it's also the time when countries publicly unveil their Olympics outfits. And reactions to Germany's Rio opening ceremony outfits were not nice.

Germany's outfits looked like strange raincoats or boring robes, with very sensible skirts and deep red tops. And, the women were wearing tights. . . in Brazil. It's entirely unclear just what inspired the German's outfits. And Twitter was thoroughly confused. Jokes about Germany's outfits ranged from calling them librarians to making jokes about "postmodern industrial chic."

The outfits for Team USA also came under fire when they debuted about a week before the opening ceremony. Users compared the U.S.'s outfits to the Russian flag. Also, who pairs boat shoes with white pants and expects the outfit to look like anything but a European polocrosse team or a really expensive yacht gathering.

It's difficult to find info on who designed the outfits for Germany at the Rio opening ceremony. If I were him or her, I might not ever come out and say that it was me, because Twitter was not kind. Here are a few photos of the outfits:

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

I mean, what's with the socks? And the color scheme. What is going on there? Here's what Twitter had to say:

Poor Germany. They just wanted to stay dry and be comfortable! I feel them. But, also, maybe the Olympics opening ceremony isn't the time to blend in and wear socks over your tights.