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People Think Khloé Kardashian Is Trolling Tristan Thompson With The First Name Of Their Baby

After giving birth on April 12 in Cleveland, Khloé Kardashian has kept fans on their toes waiting to hear more details about her new daughter. Today — four days after she gave birth on Monday, April 16 — she took to Instagram and Twitter to share that her baby girl is healthy and reveal her name: True Thompson. However, reactions to Khloé naming her daughter True have been, well... mixed.

As most people know, Khloé gave birth just days after cheating allegations made against Tristan Thompson surfaced. Last week, the Daily Mail published footage that purports to show Thompson allegedly kissing another woman, though it is possible that it may not be Thompson in the video and photos. Neither Kardashian nor Thompson have addressed the rumors, and Romper's requests for comment from both Thompson and Kardashian's teams regarding the cheating allegations were not immediately returned.

Now, though, fans are wondering whether or not the name "True" is really Kardashian's way of subtly throwing a dig at him. On social media, people have been resoundingly convinced of the irony that is naming a child something that relates to the word "truth" in light of her father being, well, allegedly and potentially very untruthful to Kardashian at the time of her birth.

Some fans speculated that the name choice "True" was Kardashian's way of addressing the cheating allegations made against her partner and the baby's father. Though she and the entire KarJenner camp have been notably silent with the public on the topic thus far, one of Kardashian's BFFs did appear to call him out on Instagram, posting a photo that said: "The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."

After their baby's name was revealed, many fans thought that her moniker could be alluding to the fact that even though Thompson allegedly lied, their daughter's existence is what's, ahem, true between them. "True honesty," as one fan called it.

Some harsher fans questioned why Kardashian would name her daughter something her "baby daddy can't relate to" (harsh, but deserved if the allegations turn out to be valid).

Perhaps Kardashian chose the name because she was hoping that it would "make Tristan be true to her," as one fan tweeted. Out there, but anything's possible.

The most consistent reaction has been people pointing out just how ironic the choice is, given the current circumstances.

Another fan joked that the name would flummox Thompson, as Kardashian would declare he wasn't capable of handling the "true," aka, the "truth." (It's just a joke, but wouldn't it play better the other way around?)

Kardashian and Thompson were first seen together back in 2016. The new mom revealed in December that she was expecting her first baby with Thompson. However, the rumor mill had been churning for a while that Thompson was allegedly less than faithful, with some reports saying he allegedly had multiple affairs throughout the course of their relationship in addition to the most highly publicized one, which allegedly occurred just days before Kardashian was due to deliver. Of course, the repeated allegations have fans pretty convinced that Thompson has been less than faithful to Khloé, though, for the record, neither party has confirmed or addressed the allegations with the public or the media. And until then, despite any mounting evidence, fans can't know for sure whether they are, well, true.

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