People Are Not Happy With Kim Kardashian's Jackie O 'Interview' Cover

On Monday, Kim Kardashian became first lady of the United States. At least, that was the vibe she was going for when she channeled the iconic former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the photos accompanying her Interview Magazine cover story, the first she's shared with her 4-year-old daughter, North West. Wearing a high-collared dress and gloves and rocking a bouffant, Kardashian graces the cover of the September issue above the words "America's New First Lady." But Americans don't always love the family in the White House, and even this role-playing scenario is a case in point. In fact, Twitter reactions to Kim Kardashian's Jackie Kennedy Onassis Interview cover are, for the most part, pretty cutthroat.

The article itself features a conversation between Kardashian and journalist Janet Mock in which Kardashian talks candidly about being, like Onassis was before her, a "mother whose every move captivated the American imagination." The two discussed managing the public's relationship with the two kids Kardashian shares with husband Kanye West, raising mix-race kids, the public perception that the mogul is famous simply for being famous, and much more.

And there were photos. Lots and lots of photos in which Kardashian borrows the iconic first lady's signature style with her daughter by her side.

And just like anything Kim Kardashian does, the shoot turned out to be a bit controversial. Some Twitter users did not appreciate Kardashian's styling herself as Jackie O, for example.

Another thing Twitter focused on (inappropriateness aside) was the darkness of Kardashian's skin in the shoot. Kardashian has been accused of appropriating black culture in the past, so some were not at all impressed that her skin looked as though it was a similar hue to that of her half-black daughter's in the photos.

For some, the whole thing elicited a resounding "no."

The writers of these negative reviews obviously didn't see the Jackie O vibe as "an expression of empowerment and self-respect," as photographer Steven Klein said he was going for, according to HuffPost:

For this shoot I wanted to capture feminine beauty as an expression of empowerment and self-respect. Also, to highlight Kim in a chic manner that is retrospective of a time and yet modern. As a model, Kim is a chameleon. She can easily change accordingly to the set intention and with little effort. It is her gift: her innate relationship to the camera. A muse of modern times.

Still, it's hard to deny that Kardashian is somewhat of a "muse of modern times." And she and North do look beautiful in the photos. Just like Jackie O, she does capture the national attention in a way that very few others do. Love her or hate her, Kim K is on your radar.