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Obama Is In New York & People Are Loving It

It has been just a little over a month since former president Barack Obama and his family were in the White House — but God, it feels like an eternity. The Obamas have definitely been missed — but Barack and Michelle are certainly not absent from the hearts of millions of Americans and they're not gone for good. This is clear from the reactions to Obama being in New York — which show how much people miss him already. The nostalgia to simpler times and the last eight years is real, folks.

After leaving the White House permanently on Jan. 20 after eight years of presidency, Barack and Michelle got the much needed vacation they deserved. According to People, the former first couple spent their first time out of the White House as private citizens in Palm Springs, California and then the British Virgin Islands. But just a few short weeks later, Obama was back in the United States — and on Friday, made one of his first public appearances in New York City — where people went wild cheering for him as he exited a building. After photos and videos were shared of Obama being in New York, Twitter users also reacted accordingly — and they were so happy to see Obama — well, so happy.

In the videos posted to Twitter, a massive crowd outside of a building can be seen cheering for the former president as he waves to his adoring crowd, surrounded by security, with a cup of coffee in hand. According to NBC New York, Obama went on to catch a Broadway show, "The Price" later in the evening with his oldest daughter Malia Obama. Malia is currently interning for Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein before enrolling in Harvard University next year, according to New York Magazine, and has been spotted at parties around Manhattan.

One could only hope that Obama's appearance in New York City means more sightings in general of the former president, who looks so completely refreshed and rejuvenated after the few weeks he spent away from the public eye. As bizarre as it sounds, Obama's appearance in New York brings back a sense of hope. For weeks, Americans have tried to adjust to life with a new president and changing policies — Obama's appearance reminds those Americans of the simpler, civil, and happier times. So whats next for Obama now that he is back in the United States? Working on building his presidential library in Chicago, according to The Chicago Tribune. Obama's appearance in New York City really shows how much he has been missed in the past month — and hopefully this isn't the last we'll see of him.