Courtesy of Margaret Jacobsen

This Mom Shares What She Wants For Her Kids In '17

January is a month filled with resolutions. On the first day of the month, as each of us wave goodbye to the previous year, we make way for all the things we plan to do once we have a fresh slate. We ask ourselves, What will I do better this year? How will I do better? What do I want to change about myself? About my behaviors? How can I improve? Resolutions made by women by and large get a bad rap. At face value, it's so easy to assume they'll all be the same: I'm going to lose weight!; I'm going to wake up earlier!; I'll travel! but if you take a look deeper, you'll notice just how raw and real resolutions made by women — especially moms — are. They're complex, multi-layered, and they're also incredibly honest.

Mothers aren't just making resolutions for themselves. They're constantly factoring in how the things they do and say and believe will shape and influence their children. Though moms are faced with these types of decisions day in and day out, the new year provides an opportunity to look at the year as a whole and to consider all the things they plan to change and improve on. For 2017, Romper spoke to 31 different moms all over the country in an effort to highlight just how diverse, bold, and exciting their resolutions are.

Courtesy of Margaret Jacobsen

Name: Margaret Jacobsen

Age: 29

City and state: Portland, Oregon

Occupation: Photographer and Writer

How old are your kids?: 6 years old and 8 years old

What resolution do you think you're supposed to make? Why do you feel this way?: I feel as if I'm suppose to make resolutions that are positive, uplifting, and good. I think I feel this way because so often resolutions are focused on making "positive" changes to your life, but they're usually about weight, about eating differently, or thinking less negative thoughts.

I want my kids to feel even more brave than they've ever felt. I want them to feel as if they belong exactly where they are. At all times.

What's your actual resolution this year, and why?: My actual resolution this year is to be more active in my pursuit of equality. Not just for myself and my children, but those who are more oppressed than I am. It seems fitting, especially with who we'll soon have as our president. It's a time to focus on community, and even more so, on humanity.

What's the one resolution you won't make again?: I'll never make a resolution to be "healthy" again.

What's one thing in your life you want to change but don't feel like you can?: I want to change the fear I feel daily surrounding myself and my children as black people in this country.

What's one thing you did or didn't do last year that you forgive yourself for?: I am all about forgiving yourself for things you don't follow through on. I made a long list of resolutions, and one of them was to treat my body as if it were a temple. I definitely threw that out the window!

Do you tell your kids your resolution? Why or why not?: I just tell them that it's a fresh start, and we get another opportunity to try. They don't really know about resolutions, and I'd love to keep it that way. I love that they get excited about starting a new year, and feeling the excitement of the unknown.

What specifically do you want for your kids this year?: I want my kids to feel even more brave than they've ever felt. I want them to feel as if they belong exactly where they are. At all times.