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Everything You Need To Remember About 'The Walking Dead' Season 7

When The Walking Dead returns on Oct. 22 for its eighth season, it will be following on the heels of one of the show's most controversial seasons yet. Though Season 7 introduced some fan favorites from the comics, it also saw the brutal demise of more than one beloved character. This recap of The Walking Dead Season 7 will prepare you for the upcoming season by taking you through moments both good and bad that may determine the direction the show takes going forward.

Season 7 delved deeper into the many factions making up the world of The Walking Dead, taking its isolated band of survivors and putting them in direct conflict with a much more powerful group called the Saviors. Getting out from under the thumb of that villainous group was a season-long journey that also brought Rick and his people into contact with a king and his tiger, a ladies-only seaside colony, and a flock of Freegans with edgy haircuts. It was a wild 16 episodes from start to finish and things are only just beginning. War is about to break out on The Walking Dead and that means even more violence is waiting around the corner. Things only get darker from here on out.

Negan Killed Glenn & Abraham

Season 7 opened with Negan violently bludgeoning both Abraham and Glenn to death as punishment for Rick and his people refusing to play his game, as well as for Daryl speaking out of turn. It illustrated Negan's power and control, setting the tone for the entire season. The trauma of that night wasn't soon forgotten.

Daryl Became Negan's Prisoner

Negan's punishment didn't stop with the deaths of Glenn and Abraham; he also took Daryl as a prisoner with hopes of convincing him to join Negan's group, the Saviors. Daryl refused, but he languished in a cell at the Saviors' compound for weeks until he was eventually able to escape thanks to some of Negan's own people.

Maggie Moved To Hilltop

After Glenn's death, Maggie was taken to Hilltop because there was a doctor there who could oversee her pregnancy. She brought Sasha and Enid with her, then got deeply enmeshed in the community. Maggie takes leadership of Hilltop in the comics, and she's well on her way to that on the show.

Carol & The Kingdom

Weighted down by all the violent acts she'd committed, Carol decided to depart from the society of others and set herself up in a secluded cabin. That didn't last long, however. She began to develop a relationship with the leader of a new community called the Kingdom, a man who called himself King Ezekiel and kept a tiger on a leash. Carol was drawn back into the fight over the course of the season because of her involvement with the Kingdom, where Morgan had also found a new home.

Carl Visited The Sanctuary

While Rick spent a good portion of Season 7 unable to fight back because of the trauma he'd suffered, Carl decided to take drastic action. He snuck into Negan's compound to kill him, but ended up suffering another round of mind games and earning Negan's admiration.

New Groups Were Introduced

There were numerous new groups introduced in the seventh season. While viewers were already familiar with Hilltop and the Saviors from Season 6, the Kingdom joined the fray in Season 7 alongside Oceanside and the Scavengers. Discovered by Tara, Oceanside was an all-female community that had escaped and hidden from Negan. The Scavengers lived in a trash heap and spoke in haikus.

Alliances Formed

Rick was able to form helpful alliances with almost all of the new groups (though all were initially resistant), but the Scavengers betrayed him at the last moment when they revealed mid-battle that they were on Negan's side. Still, that leaves Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Oceanside on Team Rick.

Death Toll Continued To Rise

So many characters met their end in Season 7. Spencer was gutted by Negan for going behind Rick's back. Olivia was killed by a Savior as punishment for Rosita shooting at Negan. Heath went missing. Morgan strangled a Kingdom resident named Richard for plotting to set off the war by killing innocent people. It was a bloody season for sure.

Defectors & Traitors Ran Rampant

Though many unexpected characters joined forces, just as many turned traitor. In addition to the Scavengers' betrayal, Eugene chose to become a Savior after being kidnapped rather than fight back against Negan. Meanwhile, Negan's right hand man Dwight secretly traveled to Alexandria to plot against him with Rick.

Sasha's Demise

The season began with a major death and ended wth one too. After planning to kill Negan with Rosita, Sasha decided to take on the assassination solo. She didn't succeed, instead ending up in a cell just like Daryl. And just like Daryl, she refused to join Negan's team. She didn't go out without a fight, however. She pretended to agree with one of Negan's wild intimidation tactics, which involved him bringing Sasha to Alexandria in a coffin to confront Rick (why do the least when you can do the most, right, Negan?). Unbeknownst to Negan, Sasha took her own life while in the coffin and emerged a zombie ready to take him down. She didn't succeed then either, but the surprise attack did give Rick a slight edge.

Season 7 saw Rick struggling like never before, but now he's finally ready to lead the fight against Negan once and for all. When Season 8 rolls arounds, fans should prepare for all out war.

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