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Reebok Launches Back-To-School Campaign To Benefit Low-Income Students

It's just about time to begin back-to-school shopping, which can feel like a major pain to a lot of parents. But some companies, like Reebok, want to make this shopping season better by giving families the chance to give back. And if you want to teach your child a little something about helping others, there's a good chance you'll appreciate Reebok's "buy one, give one" campaign, an initiative geared towards helping low-income students sneaker by sneaker.

Starting this Monday, July 22 and up until Wednesday, July 31, purchases made in the kids department on will benefit countless kids in need. Case in point: With the purchase of any pair of kids shoes (ranging in size from infants to grade school), Reebok will donate a pair of sneakers to a child in a low-income school that's currently participating in Reebok's physical activity program, BOKS, according to a press release.

This initiative is beneficial in a number of ways. Not only will a new pair of shoes bring so much joy to a child, but it will set them up for success in the upcoming school year. It will give them the chance to excel in their physical education classes and walk with a newfound confidence that they might not have had otherwise. What's more? Your child will have a brand new pair of shoes and the satisfaction of knowing that their super cool pair of sneakers helped someone else, too.

The campaign is a win-win, and it's the perfect way to teach kids the importance of giving back to others while accomplishing some much needed back-to-school shopping.

Photo Courtesy of Reebok

To give you a little history about the campaign, it started when Reebok and BOKS saw the need for active footwear in schools and and opportunity to give back. "At Reebok, we are on a mission to break down barriers to fitness," Reebok Vice President of Marketing and Digital Brand Commerce, Matt Blonder, said in a press release. "That's why we support BOKS, which has been doing amazing work getting kids moving for almost a decade. This campaign is a natural extension of our mission, and we're excited to be able to give kids the tools they need to be active when they head back to school."

As Blonder stated, BOKS is an 12-week before, during, and after school program that aims to get kids inspired to move. In a typical BOKS class, for instance, kids get the opportunity to run, practice a particular physical skill, and socialize with each other. There are nearly 5,000 schools in the United States that have a BOKS program, according to data compiled by BOKS Kids. The program's reach is huge, and it only has the potential to get bigger. BOKS' ultimate ambition is to reach 1 million children all over the world over the next five years, so it's very possible that one of these programs could be headed to your area.

Photo Courtesy of Reebok

BOKS has had a major impact on students throughout the years, and its influence will be even more profound thanks to Rebook's new campaign. Reebok will donate up to 5,000 pairs of sneakers to children participating in BOKS via its buy one, give one initiative, which means thousands of children will start the 2019-2020 school year off on the right foot — literally.

"In many low-income communities a lack of equipment, safe spaces, and appropriate attire for activity are key factors," BOKS Founder and Executive Director, Kathleen Tullie said in a press release. "With this new campaign we hope that more children will go back to school active, and truly enjoy that experience."

Senior Administrator of Performance and Evaluation at Springfield Public Schools, Michelle Balch, echoed this sentiment, stating: “Shoes are not just about safety, style or protection. Shoes are a vehicle, both mentally and physically, to promote a healthier lifestyle. Shoes offer students access to opportunities and a healthier lifestyle. If a child has worn ill-fitting shoes, the pain, the limitations could prevent them from moving, being active and impede their confidence.”

With a new pair of shoes and a supportive environment, Reeboks and BOKS' partnership is set to change a lot of lives this school year. The best part? You and your child get the chance to participate in the company's Buy One, Give One campaign if you purchase shoes from Reebok Kids within the next 10 days.