Courtesy of Reebok

Reebok's New Maternity Collection Includes Leggings That Grow With Your Baby

Comfort is a must for maternity clothes. Many moms-to-be are already perpetually uncomfortable during pregnancy thanks to the tiny person taking up residence on top of their bladders, so wearing anything that adds to that discomfort is a no-go. Luckily, Reebok's new Maternity Collection is all about making you feel good while you're on the move, so you can relax a little bit better. Plus, the clothes are designed to grow with your baby, so you can wear it all pregnancy long. #Blessed.

Although Reebok is primarily known for its shoes, the brand has expanded into other activewear throughout the company's life, so its maternity line is just the latest addition to its multitude of fashion ventures. The Maternity Collection is all about stretch, with each of the items in the line being designed to stretch with an expectant mom's growing belly as her pregnancy progresses. That's a major plus for pregnant women who usually have to buy new clothes every few weeks as their baby develops, which can be a major strain on the wallet and an inconvenience.

The line consists of two main "silhouettes," as a Reebok press release explains: the Lux Maternity Tights, leggings that feature an extended waistband and nylon spandex material for easy stretching, and the Seamless Maternity Tank, which offers a soft feel thanks to the lack of seams without sacrificing support.

Courtesy of Reebok

Maternity wear that grows with you and is comfortable enough to let you stretch while you wear it? Sign me up. Both items are currently available in Black and Heritage Navy, though a Rose Dust hue will be available in September, as photographed below.

Courtesy of Reebok

One of my favorite features of the line is its versatility. Yes, the clothes will keep you comfortable if you're trying to stay active during your pregnancy as you can see above, but they're designed with quality in mind so that you could wear them to work as well, particularly the tank. Picture it paired with jeans and a blazer.

"Our goal is to create comfortable, supportive apparel for the active woman in every stage of her life, and we want this versatile collection to keep moms-to-be feeling empowered and confident during any activity, whether they’re at the gym or at work," Barbara Ebersberger, Vice President of Performance Apparel at Reebok, states in a company press release, affirming the brand's commitment to offering products that help everyone, no matter what they're taking on.

The tights retail for $65, while the tank is a bit more affordable at $40. But considering the fact that the items will prevent you from having to buy new clothes every time your baby makes a developmental jump, it's a pretty solid investment. Every item in the collection is available in sizes XS through XL. (Psst: Reebok also just released a more size-inclusive line of products that goes up to 3X, demonstrating their focus on providing cute and supportive clothes for all women.)

You can buy the tights and tank on the company's website. Shout out to Reebok for giving you an excuse to wear the same leggings for nine months straight.