Chasing Paper x Pehr

You're Gonna Love How Cute (& Smart) This Removable Wallpaper Collection Is

For anybody who took months to decide on a color scheme for their child’s room (and managed to exhaust every employee working in the paint department at the hardware store in the process) you just may love the removable wallpapers from Chasing Paper and Pehr. The collaboration includes peel-and-stick wallpaper available in nine fun prints. While each print is whimsical and kid-friendly, I can also see some of the prints (a golden vertical stripe, for example, or minimalist birds with orange-tipped wings) working in a powder room or on an accent wall.

Chasing Paper has been in the removable wallpaper game for some time now, creating chic designs that stick to almost any surface. The high quality peel-and-stick fabric paper is easy to hang and easy to remove, making it a dream for renters, DIY-lovers, or commitment-phobes like myself. Seriously, I spent four weeks choosing a color that would go on the walls in my tiny, 35-square-feet bathroom, only to finally settle on what turned out to be a horrifying Pepto Bismol pink shade when I was envisioning a very soft millennial pink. Those paint swatches are deceiving, let me just say.

Removable paper would’ve been a much better choice, especially considering gone are the days when wallpaper meant thick paste and fussy prints. Instead, the designs on the Chasing Paper x Pehr collection feel fresh and modern. What are those designs? Well, you'll have to see for yourself to get the full effect, but the prints include stripes, marine animals, Noah's Ark-inspired animals (my personal fave is the little narwhal,) rainbows, trucks, and sweet little dots.

You already know of Pehr if you’ve ever walked into another parents’ house (or gleaned a blogger’s immaculate home on Instagram) and wondered, “how is it so clean in here and where are all the toys? The secret is Pehr storage baskets. Cat’s out of the bag: all the trains, legos, doll shoes, and PJ Masks figurines are jammed into the chic, collapsible baskets that you’d never know were about to burst. In addition to storage solutions that actually look cool and not like they belong solely in the garage, Pehr also has a lovely line of children’s bedding, clothes, and home decor, all designed by co-founders and childhood friends Jen Kelly and Becca Perren.

Chasing Paper x Pehr

The collaboration between Chasing Paper and Pehr seems natural, inevitable even. “We both believe strongly that children’s spaces should feel elevated, thoughtful and imaginative. While most of the collection is geared specifically for kids and nursery, we love the idea of the painterly stripes in Stripes Away and delicate hand of Dotty, being incorporated into many homes,” said Elizabeth Rees, Founder of Chasing Paper in a press release for the collaboration.

“We hand-picked an assortment of our all-time favorite prints. Whether you are looking for subtle and serene or playfully whimsical, our Pehr x Chasing Paper collaboration offers something for everyone and will bring magic and beauty to any space,” said Jen Kelly, Pehr’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

Even if you’re a homeowner and planning to stay in your house for the long-haul, chances are you’re still going to have a little human in your house with some big opinions. Removable wallpaper is excellent for exactly that reason; when your child decides they “just don’t like rainbows anymore” you unpeel the wallpaper and you’re done. Take it from me, this is a lot less stressful than repainting a room. (You don't realize you're a natural-born art critic until you watch your partner paint a wall.)

Each wallpaper panel is 2-foot by 4-foot (so be sure to measure your space first), is printed to order, and retails for $40. If these walls could talk, they'd say, "thank you."