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Renata Klein Will Not NOT Be Rich On 'Big Little Lies'

Renata Klein is essentially a walking meme on Big Little Lies. Everything she wears is iconic; everything out of her mouth is hilarious. Any number of Renata lines might have stuck in your memory as soon as you heard them, but Renata's "rich" quote from Big Little Lies "Tell-Tale Hearts" might be the best of them all, according to Twitter.

Though it's not even her only amazing scene in the episode. Kicking her husband out of the car? Perfect. Screaming "will somebody give a woman a moment?!" while sticking both middle fingers out of her moving car on the highway? Chef's kiss! She may be the most ridiculous part of the show, but she also provides some much-needed levity amongst all the slow-burning tension.

Though Renata has her own problems, too. Her husband became embroiled in some fraudulent business dealing that are going to cost them all their money — and maybe even that enviable mansion Renata was strutting around in during the premiere. In response to finding out about all that, she declared that she would not not be rich. The line fell right in the middle of the incredible-absurd scale that Renata operates on at all times. In a show full of unforgettable moments, it's another one for the books.

Scream It From The Rooftops

Many tweets about the scene merely repeated the line itself, because it's too good not to say over and over. Seriously: try just shouting it alone in your apartment. I bet it's as satisfying as Mary Louise's scream in Episode 1.

Those Are Some Priorities

Prioritizing wealth above all else is...perhaps not ideal, to say the least, but it does say a lot about who Renata is as a person.

Hashtag Relatable

Still, that level of wild confidence is what makes Renata so much fun to watch.

It's Probably Her Mantra, TBH

I have a feeling Renata will find a way to land on her feet. The woman rolling up for a prison visit in a jacket so embellished that it sets off the metal detectors is not a woman who is going to let go of her mansion that easily.

A Dose Of Reality

Get ready to see how the other half lives, Renata! There are no photoshoots, magazine covers, or opulent red coats here.

She Can't Live Any Other Way!

Can you picture Renata doing normal people things, like going grocery shopping or wearing t-shirts? No. No, you cannot. She simply wasn't built for it.

Be The Renata You Want To See In The World

JK, please don't. (But if you want to sing-pose in floor-length red ensembles, go right ahead.)

Can't Argue With It

Quite a few viewers on Twitter could do little besides give Renata props. She knows who she is and what she wants: to not be poor, ever, underlined three times.

Swimming In Gold Doubloons

Do you think Renata has one of those rooms filled with gold like Scrooge McDuck? I wouldn't put it past her.

It's Her House & She Lives There

As Renata pointed out to her husband, she did nothing wrong. It was all him! Why should she have to suffer for his mistakes?

A Line You'll Never Forget

One day, years from now, you'll be going about your business (running errands, heading to work, brushing your teeth) and out of nowhere you will suddenly think to yourself: I will not NOT be rich!!!

Such is the power of Renata Klein.