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Rent The Runway Kids Is Finally Here, & It's Going To Solve *All* Your Fancy Needs

Just this year, my daughter has gone from a size seven in kids to a size slim 10/12, and her shoes went up two sizes. To put it mildly, my daughter had the growth spurt to end all growth spurts, and it did some serious damage on my wallet. No one expects their children to grow over 4 inches in eight months, but sometimes they do. Thankfully, Rent the Runway's new kid's line of clothing is here for those occasions when you just have no idea what size your child will be in from one month to the next.

The process will be the same for Rent the Runway Kids as it is for the grownups, according to the company. They noted that the new kids' service will essentially be a continuation of their popular monthly subscription services, both the reserve and unlimited. These permit members to rent up to four pieces of clothing or accessories at once, paying only a set fee. As per the press release, the initial launch will focus on *girls'* clothing, sizes three youth to 12, with more sizes and options to follow.

My daughter is a little diva when it comes to her clothes. She always has been. It can become quite pricey when I am wont to give into her demands. It's just so hard to say no when she knows how to get to me. "Mama, my outfits are how I express myself. I cannot be a rainbow kitty or narwhal, but I can dress like one." Granted, I have no idea how a rainbow kitty or narwhal would dress if they were real, but she seems to have a good grip on it. Judging by her choice of clothing, it means that everything will be either technicolor or solid black, and must be accessorized with no fewer than 18 friendship bracelets and her rainbow (or black) unicorn horn. Sorry — narwhal horn.

Rent the Runway Kids

With brands like Milly Minis, Lilly Pulitzer Kids, Roberta Roller Rabbit Kids, and LoveShackFancy Kids — just to name a few — I have no doubt that my daughter would be over the moon with the choices afforded to her. I can just picture the paroxysms of joy that would accompany the boxes of clothing, addressed to her, filled with the utter delights of her youthful exuberance.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "What on earth do I do if my children completely destroy the clothes while they wearing them?" I was wondering the same thing. While it's not exclusively mentioned in the press release, I am assuming that the damage clause from the original Rent the Runway will apply to Rent the Runway Kids.

Courtesy Cat Bowen

Their policy is stated as such: "Your membership fee includes insurance for minor mishaps and general wear and tear. Significant damage, lost pieces, and theft are not covered. In those cases, you will be charged the price to purchase the piece using your members-only discount. In the event that the style is not available to purchase, the charge will be for the full retail price, plus applicable tax."

You also don't need to launder the clothing before you return it, and if it doesn't fit, then you can return it immediately and a new one will be sent in its stead.

This is a great idea for church clothes, picture day, and even special occasions like weddings and parties. I'm not convinced of the everyday practicality of renting clothing for a 3-year-old, but I'd be willing to bet that older kids will find a ton of benefit in this.