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Ricky Martin & His 10-Year-Old Son Looked Like Style Icons At The Grammys

by Kristina Johnson

Watching on TV is the closest most of us will ever get to the Grammys, but one lucky kid got to strut the red carpet with his famous dad. Ricky Martin's son, 10, was Livin' La Vida Loca at the Grammy as the two posed for pictures in black outfits.

Martin is actually a father of three, but it was a solo outing for him and one of his twins. The Daily Mail identified the leather jacket clad youngster as Matteo. His brother Valentino and baby sister Lucia don't seem to have made it to the show. No surprise on Lucia, though — she's just a couple months old, according to People. Perhaps Valentino opted to stay home for some baby snuggles.

Though the Grammys are a star studded, over the top event, Martin has said his twins are completely down to earth. The proud dad shared in an ABC News interview that because the boys have always stayed backstage at his concerts, they didn't really understand his celebrity status until he decided they were old enough to check out the massive crowds. Now, they get it, but Martin makes sure they understand that he's still just Dad.

The singer welcomed the twins back in 2008, sharing on The Oprah Winfrey Show that he had used a surrogate. He raised them as a single dad for the first few years of their lives, but met his future husband Jwan Yosef in April 2016 according to The Mirror. The two now co-parent the twins, and of course recently expanded the family with baby Lucia. The odds that the couple will have more kids, maybe even a lot more, some day seem pretty good — Martin once told E! News that he'd like "four more pairs of twins."

Whether he was kidding or not, Martin might find it harder to juggle lots more kids with his career as busy as ever. He was given the job of opening the Grammys alongside other Latino artists Camila Cabello and J. Balvin. The honor just showcased Martin's longevity in the industry —it's been 20 years since his show-stealing performance at the 1999 awards, according to Billboard. I remember that show, and I'm feeling super old right now.

Martin has also branched out from music and into acting recently. He earned an Emmy nomination for his role in American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, according to Deadline. He played Antonio D’Amico, the late designer's partner. Martin told Vanity Fair that he poured some of his real life pain from the years he spent hiding his sexuality into the role.

Thankfully, the days of feeling ashamed of who he is are behind him. Rolling Stone noted that Martin came out in 2010, acknowledging that his children were a big part of what gave him the strength to do so. He told People magazine that he now simply teaches his children that they are part of a modern family, and that having two dads is a beautiful thing.