Courtesy of Rockets of Awesome

Rockets Of Awesome's New Pop-Up Shop Is So Freakin' Fun For Kids & Parents

Fair warning: The word "awesome" is going to be used a lot in this article, and that's because the children's clothing brand Rockets of Awesome and its Founder, Rachel Blumenthal, are, in fact, quite awesome. Romper had a chance to speak with Blumenthal recently about all things ROA, trends in children's clothing, her experience as a working mother, and the exciting new pop-up they recently opened in NYC that is guaranteed to make your kids actually want to go shopping with you.

In case you aren't familiar, Rockets of Awesome is a whimsical children's clothing line which was launched by Blumenthal in 2016 because, as she states, "I'm a mom (of two kids), and I couldn't believe how hard it was to find really cool stylish clothes at an accessible price point... and all moms are just so busy so I wanted to do the work for them." That work has now led to the company launching their first-ever Rockets of Awesome Pop-Up Shop (open through September 29) in the heart of Manhattan — where parents and kids can shop while having fun.

In addition to having the company's full assortment of clothing (which, on average, is between $20 and $25), the shop carries limited edition backpacks and exclusive in-store items, such as gender-neutral neon sweatshirts and outerwear that your kids can personalize at the store. And you'll be sure to find all the fall trends Blumenthal is seeing in children's clothing, including athleisure, a "resurgence of '90s fashion" that includes neon and graphic tees galore (they're even about to bring back hypercolor!), as well as "lots of sequins." She notes that while jeans have been "out" for a while (you may know more than one mom who's prone to stocking soft leggings over thicker denim pants for their kid), they're also making a comeback.

Courtesy of Rockets of Awesome

And, since shopping with kids can typically come with its own special set of challenges, Blumenthal created a multitude of experiences within the store. From riddles on the walls, bins filled with stickers kids can put on the dressing room walls, a marshmallow pool (as seen below with Blumenthal taking a jump inside), a rainbow swing, and other personalization stations, I'm pretty sure your kids will have zero complaints about accompanying you to back-to-school shopping here. Why all the fun? Well, as Blumenthal notes, "a lot of the fun and magic has been eliminated from kids' stores, so we wanted to make sure we created a fun and spirited shared shopping experience for kids and parents."

Courtesy of Rockets of Awesome

If you aren't lucky enough to make it to the NYC store, fear not, because you can still shop online for ROA clothing, or subscribe to receive seasonal deliveries featuring eight items of clothing which are hand-picked based on your child's preferences — remember when she said she wanted to do all the work for you? And, as we all know, those preferences can be very specific. So whether your child has sensory issues that make buttons and zippers challenging, or just a penchant for all things pink, you can update your kid's "Style File" as they call it to make sure the clothing they send is (your) kid-approved.

If you're anything like me, seeing how Blumenthal has built this company from the ground up, while also being a devoted mother, is nothing short of awe-inspiring. (P.S. this is actually the third successful company she's created. Her previous ventures include Jewelry brand Rachel Leigh and registry service Crickets Circle.) And, while she acknowledges the challenges that come along with managing all the things (a shared calendar with her husband is a must-have for coordinating their busy schedules) she says that for her one of the benefits of being a working mother is that she doesn't have time to be a helicopter parent. As a result, her kids are empowered "to form their own ideas and try things and make mistakes and build their ability to be independent." She also hopes she's creating an example for both her daughter and her son that shows them, "women can do everything that men can do, and that moms can be as successful as the men and dads out there." Amen to that!