Steve Wilkie/FOX

Rocky's Shorts In 'Rocky Horror' Are Long, & Twitter Is Not OK

In anticipation of FOX's Rocky Horror special, many were wondering how faithful it would be to the original cult film. From the onset, it seems like a worthy remake – save one critical detail: Rocky's shorts. In the classic, Frank N. Furter's creation was donned in teeny-tiny golden shorts. FOX's version? Basketball shorts. For such a sensual production as Rocky Horror, some fans saw this as blasphemous. Rocky's shorts are long in Rocky Horror, and Twitter is not okay with it.

The original Rocky was played by English model Peter Hinwood – and he was probably cast for his looks, because his singing was dubbed by Australian actor and singer Trevor White according to IMDb. Not only that, but his speaking voice was also dubbed. Being Frank N. Furter's sex monster creation thing, it made sense that Rocky was wearing almost nothing; throughout the film his shorts – which look like tinier versions of American Apparel disco shorts – barely covered anything.

This Rocky is also portrayed by a model: Staz Nair, who is also a Russian-Indian actor and singer-songwriter according to his Twitter. Nair is likely to be a breakout star from FOX's Rocky Horror, but certainly not for his wardrobe. Instead of hot pants, Nair's Rocky was dressed in golden basketball shorts. They made him look like he was filming a new High School Musical – which isn't a problem, but it's no Rocky Horror.

Fans of the movie immediately took note of this, and took no time discussing on Twitter:

Perhaps Twitter was right: Rocky's old shorts were "too hot for network TV." Even still, the wardrobe did not need to go from short shorts to basketball shorts. Not only were they too long – they were too loose. Maybe 2016 Rocky would wear some kind of gold Nike compression pants? But no. The "Creature of the Night" looked like he was going to gym class.

This was merely one of the many differences between the classic and new Rocky Horror. Seeing as this as a remake, it's to be expected – but hopefully, if one ever takes on the cult musical again, they'll be sure to dress Rocky as he should be dressed: with as little gold material as possible.