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Romper Wants You In The Conversation, IRL — Here's Where & When!

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Bypass conference room B this fall and head straight to the ~room where it happens~ for a powerful shot of motivation and know-how, whatever your personal goals are, with none other than us! Romper has partnered with The Riveter, union and coworking space, and Mom 2.0, the entrepreneurial community and summit, on popup events that promise a night of real conversation, opportunities to mingle with other doers, and of course a peek inside some gorgeous spaces that are not in the least bit filled with old coffee mugs and stacks of invoices from 2018 (why, what does your home office look like?). We are excited and want to see you there!

Much like Romper, the self-described "fun mom," Mom 2.0 and The Riveter are dedicated to bringing together smart people with ideas and ambition, and focusing unabashedly on seeing members of their communities succeed (no time to be sorry in 2019, we have industries to conquer!). Our focus in partnering this fall is on starting and changing the conversation as actors in your community. Yes, you!

The first event, at The Riveter Dallas on September 24, was framed as "Get Ready to Speak Up: How To Use Your Voice" and featured best-selling author and keynote speaker Jen Hatmaker in conversation with The Riveter founder Amy Nelson, and writer and marriage and family therapist Kristen Howerton.

There was also a panel on how to use your voice to initiate change in your community: panelists included writer Jill Krause, Kanarys co-founders Mandy Price and Starlett Carter, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls co-founder Meredith Walker, and none other than Romper's fearless leader, managing editor April Hussar. We talked about how to shelve your doubts and get back to world-conquering.

Not your old office. Photo courtesy of The Riveter.

For those who may or may not have come across Brad Pitt up by the Griffith Park Observatory, just thinking about space, there will be a popup at The Riveter West LA on October 10.

Titled "Get Ready to Make Change: How To Use Your Influence for What’s Next," the night will bring together celebrity and influencer moms, including Sharon Feldstein (mom of actors Beanie Feldstein and Jonah Hill) and Patsy Noah (mom of musician Adam Levine) from Your Mom Cares, along with additional celebrities, to talk about how we might move from mental illness to mental wellness with our own children. The night will benefit those who have influence, as well as those honing it and focusing on their messaging strategy, so dance on down to West Los Angeles for a frank discussion about asking for the next thing — and getting that thing — with a lineup that is soon to be announced.

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The over-arching goal of the Romper x Mom 2.0 x Riveter series, each hosted by Mom 2.0 co-founders Laura Mayes and Carrie Pacini, is to "get ready" and with the psychic energy of the important-sounding 2020 not far off, there couldn't be a better time to seize the day, whether you're in Texas or California (or New York — on which note, more to come!).

Get 50% off as a Romper reader the Romper x Mom 2.0 x Riveter popup in Los Angeles on October 10 by clicking here. And stay tuned for information on the November event in New York City!

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