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Rosie O'Donnell's Twitter Pic Is Now Her As Bannon

Last weekend's rendition of Saturday Night Live left many viewers in hysterics after a skit featuring Melissa McCarthy dressed and acting like White House press secretary Sean Spicer. In the short rendering of a White House press conference, McCarthy-as-Spicer got angry on numerous occasions, shouted at reporters, and refused to acknowledge quotes made by the president. Of course, this was fiction, but many were thrilled to see a women playing a hyper-masculine member of Trump's Administration. Which, in turn, lead to the question: what other women could star as Trump's team on SNL? Well, on Thursday night, Rosie O'Donnell made it very clear that if anyone should play Trump advisor Steve Bannon, she would be just the (wo)man for the job. On Twitter, Rosie O'Donnell shared a picture of herself as Bannon, (in fact making the image her new profile picture on Twitter) and now, SNL fans are pretty sure they need this to happen as soon as possible.

It's been no secret that O'Donnell and Trump don't exactly get along, with both engaging in years-long teasing, Twitter-bashing, and name-calling. On his campaign trail, in fact, Trump justified his calling of O'Donnell a "pig" and claimed, "I said very tough things to her and I think everybody would agree she deserves it and nobody feels sorry for her," according to The Washington Post.

But when O'Donnell changed her avatar, it's clear that most people weren't siding with Trump, and didn't think that she deserved any kind of demeaning language.

While their feud can actually be traced back to 2006, for now it seems that O'Donnell has the upper hand. Obviously Trump is the president, but that doesn't mean O'Donnell has to (or will) stop poking fun at him. Actually, as more and more reports are indicating, Trump himself may be more of a puppet in the White House, with Bannon pulling some of the strings. (Trump has denied this on Twitter.) So, doesn't it just make sense to have O'Donnell playing the puppet master? As it seems any negativity directed towards the president will set him off?

As Trump has proven time after time, his feelings toward SNL aren't fond, and having one of his most ardent critics taking part in an even more insulting joke than Alec Baldwin has ever done, would be entertaining, to say the least.

Although, it's impossible not to mention the fact that, with O'Donnell taking part of the jokes on the show, Trump would likely be even more angry than he has been before, and take to his Twitter to call the show and network "fake," "wrong," or "sad!"

And while many rational, sensible people know Trump's reactions to these shows and news is in itself "fake" and untrue, it's important to remember that his sphere of influence is, unfortunately, quite large, meaning that many of his supporters would likely agree with him, and refuse to watch the skit, or believe in any fraction of its validity.

But, as her picture proves, O'Donnell-as-Bannon is quite convincing, and, honestly, SNL using her in a new skit would be just what the world needs right now — some escapism.