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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle May Be Considering These 6 Names For Their Son

So much news is coming out of England today as Baby Sussex made his entrance into the world on Monday, May 6. The news about the little boy was first up on the couple’s Instagram account, and then made official with the printed announcement displayed outside Buckingham Palace. So now we know the baby's delivery date and the sex, we just need to know the baby’s name. So what are the royal baby boy name predictions that are leading the pack?

It’s customary for members of the royal family to honor the tradition of the monarchy when naming new children, as Vogue noted. That means a few names tend to be recycled over time, with a roman numeral added to indicate which number that person is in the line. For example, according to Good Housekeeping, Queen Elizabeth II’s father was King George VI, which makes Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son Prince George VII.

But Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a bit more latitude in naming their baby, since he is pretty far down the line of succession, coming in seventh, according to CBS News. That means they may opt for a more traditional first name paired with something more modern for the middle names, or vice versa. Whatever they do, they aren’t in any hurry.

Indeed, in a brief interview Prince Harry did with the press today he said they are "still thinking about names," adding, "The baby’s a little bit overdue, so we have a little bit of time to think about it."

So with all that said and as we wait for the couple to share their decision, here are a few that could be top contenders.


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This name has been in the running all along, but with the announcement of a boy baby it has seen a surge. It stands at 5-1 odds right now, according to The Independent.

Its legacy among royals is both mythical, including the legend of King Arthur, and practical, as it is a middle name for several living members of the family.


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Throughout the pregnancy, Alexander was a name that was bandied about a little bit, but it wasn’t making much of a splash with people placing bets, according to TIME. That’s all changed since the birth, though, when it surged to second place with 6-1 odd, as TIME reported.

Alexandra is also the Queen's middle name, Good Housekeeping reported, so it could be a favorite choice for the couple.


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James has been a popular name through the ages and it dominated the 15th-17th century, according to Good Housekeeping. It’s a little more modern than some of the other choices, which makes it a very realistic pick for this ultra-progressive couple. Betting company Ladbrokes, as TIME reported, said it stands at 8-1 odds.


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As the most popular name choice for men born into the royal family, Albert stands a good chance of making the short list. The Independent reported that there have been 12 babies named Albert in the royal family since the era of Queen Victoria in the early 19th century. According to Ladbrokes, Albert is tied with James at 8-1 odds.


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As the name of Prince Harry’s grandfather, Philip might be the sentimental pick. Especially since Prince Harry shares so much of his love of the military with the patriarch.

The Duke of Edinburgh served in the Navy, including active service during WWII, according to the BBC. When the baby was born, this was a frontrunner, with 6-1 odds. Since then, it has dropped to 12-1, Ladbrokes said, according to The Telegraph.


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Charles hasn’t been showing up as much on the betting list in the run-up to the birth. But with it being the name of Prince Harry’s father, it’s not hard to imagine that the couple might choose it. It’s still in the running with 16-1 odds, as Page Six reported.

The truth is that royals tend to have three or four names, so they could easily choose several off this list — or completely surprise us all. We should know soon. In Prince Harry's interview today, he said they’ve planned for some time that they’ll reveal the baby to the world in two days. So hopefully by the middle of the week, we'll have an answer.