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These Name Predictions For Meghan & Harry's Royal Baby Could Be Onto Something

It won’t be long until Baby Sussex is here and the adoring public gets all our burning questions answered. In the meantime, though, fans are keeping busy guessing things like the sex, location of the birth, and of course, the name. So far, the most popular royal baby name predictions for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first child range from historical to sentimental. But since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tend to be unconventional every so often, they could end up surprising us all.

Names are a big deal for the royal family. Parents usually bestow and least three, and often four, names on a new baby. And they love a good homage. Between the 41 people who have sat on the throne since the 11th century, there have only been 13 names used, according to Australia’s ABC News.

It’s not hard to spot the historical throwbacks. As Southern Living noted, consider names like William Arthur Philip Louis Cambridge or George Alexander Louis Cambridge. Even those royals who aren’t in direct line for the throne follow the tradition. Queen Elizabeth’s sister is Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise and Prince Harry is actually Henry Charles Albert David.

So how will Prince Harry and Markle honor the past while keeping with their more contemporary style? Here’s a look at some of the most likely candidates, according to royal fans.


Throughout Markle's pregnancy, this has been a favorite choice for people betting on the baby’s name. Elizabeth is, of course, the name of the current queen, who is Prince Harry’s grandmother, but was also the name of the monarch who ruled in the late 16th century, according to History. The first Elizabeth had a famous rivalry with Mary, Queen of Scots, which ended in Mary’s beheading in England.


This choice needs little explanation. Diana Spencer was Prince Harry’s mother who tragically died in a car crash in 1997. Beloved by the public even after her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana was a vocal activist and advocate for causes like AIDS awareness and landmine eradication. She was also the first royal bride to hold a paid job until her engagement, according to Harper’s Bazaar.


Alice is the outlier that just might be unconventional enough to draw the interest of the young royals. The name came to into the royal family through Queen Victoria who named her third child Alice Maud Mary, according to Royal Central. The Queen’s first prime minister, Lord Melbourne, reportedly loved the name, which inspired her to choose it.


One of the most fascinating people ever to rule in Britain was Queen Victoria. Rising from an unhappy childhood, she not only ruled for 60 years, but was also a mother to nine children, according to History Extra. She famously mourned the death of her husband for decades after his passing, while singlehandedly overseeing the largest British empire in history. After his passing, she wore black for the rest of her life.


Albert was the prince consort of the popular Queen Victoria. His influence over his wife was considerable, according to the BBC, and could have helped avoid a war between Britain and the United States. He died young, only 42 years old, of typhoid and his wife never got over his death, according to History Extra. This is also a name the baby’s father bears, as Prince Harry is Henry Charles Albert David.


Prince Philip is Prince Harry’s beloved grandfather and husband to Queen Elizabeth. Before marrying the Queen, he had a career in the navy, according to the royal family’s website, and even served in WWII. Considering Prince Harry’s love for the military and his own solid career as a service member, this could be a strong contender.


The name Arthur has been popular with those placing bets on the new baby’s name, even though it is already one of Prince Louis’ middle names. This despite the fact that man who made the name famous, King Arthur, is entirely fictional, according to Biography. Still, many know more about King Arthur’s legends than we do the real royal history, and it does have a regal ring to it.


While not as well-known as some of the other options, James is still rooted in history. Several monarchs through the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries carried the name, according to Good Housekeeping. The most recent was James I of England was started out as James VI, King of Scotland. He was then picked by Queen Elizabeth I as her heir to the English throne when the countries were united under the treaty of Berwick, according to the BBC. The only current James in the royal family is James, Viscount Severn.

The days are counting down now, so it won't be long until the world finds out which of these great names, or some surprising choice altogether, made the cut.