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Ruby Tuesday Isn't Closing Forever, Which Is Good Because We Can't Live Without These 5 Things

As someone who relies fairly heavily on my Facebook sidebar to keep me up-to-date on what’s happening in the news (I know, I know), I was totally shocked and horrified when news that Ruby Tuesday was closing started trending on my feed. Oh, Ruby Tuesday. Home of the under-$10 garden bar lunch combo. The place where kids eat free on Tuesdays, which totally matters when you’re a mom of twins who’s usually too tired to cook dinner at the end of the day. What would I do without it? But just as I was mourning the soon-to-be Ruby Tuesday-shaped hole in my heart, news came to light that only some locations were closing. And, in fact, they wouldn’t really be Ruby Tuesday at all, they would be Lime Fresh Mexican Grills. Phew. That was a close one.

But even though Ruby Tuesday isn’t going anywhere, this horrifying close call made me think about all of the things the world would be missing if one day the restaurant ceased to exist. And after some very important deliberation with other fans of the casual chain restaurant, we realized together that life just wouldn’t be the same without these five Ruby Tuesday offerings:


One Word: Apps


As someone who could realistically eat hot spinach dip and mozzarella sticks every day and never get bored, I love a restaurant that knows how to bring their A+ appetizer game. (Also: Sliders. Unreal.) 


Two More Words: Salad Bar


I don’t even really like salad, but there’s something so alluring about a giant salad bar full of different options. Somehow it tastes so much better when you don’t have to do any of the work — just put it in a bowl and pat yourself on the back for being healthy. Way to go, me.


That Totally Affordable Bill, Amiright?


Affordability matters to me, because, you know, I’m not Beyonce. But it matters even more now that I’m a mom, and have two little mouths to feed — especially since I can’t always guarantee how much is going to end up in their bellies and not on the floor. If I’m paying for food that may or may not get eaten, I don’t really want to spend a lot. That’s how I know Ruby Tuesday gets me. It just knows.


Always There, Like A Good Friend Should Be


OK, so maybe there are better places to eat than Ruby Tuesday. But even if it’s not your first choice, you gotta admit, it’s kind of nice knowing that it’s there if you ever decided you happened to be in the mood for a half-pound burger basket. And you know that there will be something for everyone. Ruby Tuesday is eager to please.


Did I Mention Kids Eat Free?


No seriously, this matters. Not just because I save some money, but because I’ve learned that “kids eat free” is another way of saying “we won’t judge you when your kid refuses to sit on their butt like you asked them to, and we most certainly have crayons and paper kids’ menus that will occupy your children for at least 30 seconds!”. I’m not sure if there is anything worse than trying to take children to eat somewhere that isn’t very family-friendly (not that all places should be family friendly — I don’t like eating near screaming children anymore than anyone else), so places that explicitly welcome children can pretty much guarantee my business.

So glad you’re not going anywhere, Ruby Tuesday. I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again soon.

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