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Rumi & Sir's Net Worth Is Probably Massive

Ever since the news broke that Queen Bey was adding two more buzzing babies to the BeyHive, the public can't get enough of these two. Of the many questions circulating about the new twins, an inevitable one is "what is Rumi and Sir's net worth?" Not surprisingly, the figure is as large as their parents' success.

Before the arrival of Rumi and Sir (the twins' reported names, which have yet to be confirmed by the famous couple themselves), Beyoncé and JAY-Z's firstborn daughter, Blue Ivy, was the to be the sole heir to her parents' joint fortunes. Ranking as one of the wealthiest celebrity children of our day, Blue Ivy boasted a hefty billion dollar net worth if she were to inherit the Carter fortune alone.

Upon the arrival of her two new siblings, her personal net worth dropped as the family's assets were divided into three. No official number has been reported, but estimates put the individual net worth of the three children around $300-400 million — still, not bad at all.

As they have no personal income yet, the net worth of the three children is based on the net worth of their parents. Beyoncé's net worth alone comes in at $350 million, according to recent reports from Forbes. Her combined revenue from concert sales, music streaming and album sales, clothing and merchandise, endorsements, and real estate have more than adequately padded her pockets.

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JAY-Z also brings millions of dollars to the Carter family table. Forbes reported this May, that he is worth a jaw-dropping $810 million. The combination of these two astronomical figures solidified the couple's standing as a billion dollar couple.

Along with the individual net worths of Beyoncé and JAY-Z, the family also has holdings in the streaming service Tidal. A joint venture with Sprint, Tidal has only grown in value as of late, with Forbes valuing it at over $600 million.

Although the three children are not likely to be inheriting their millions any time soon, the Carter family has spared no expense in creating a lavish lifestyle for their firstborn, and life for the twins is likely to be just as exquisite. Blue Ivy's first birthday party reportedly had a $200,000 budget, with nearly $100,000 being spent on flowers alone. The then-1-year-old also reportedly received an $80,000 diamond-covered Barbie doll. (Jealous yet?)

Even in a three-way-split, the Carter children will enjoy riches that the rest of us can only dream of. JAY-Z and Beyoncé's hard work and dedication has paid off in the millions, and their children will enjoy the fruits of these labors.