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Rumors Claim Blac Chyna Is Pregnant, & Fan Responses Are Pretty Problematic

For whatever reason, people seem to enjoy hating on Blac Chyna. Whether it be about her parenting choices (remember when fans lost it over Dream Kardashian's hair extensions?) or in regards to who she's dating at the moment, Chyna can't catch a break. And now that there are rumors circulating that Blac Chyna is pregnant, the trolls are out in full force. Chyna did not immediately respond to Romper’s request for comment. Although Blac Chyna has proven that she can handle the hate, it doesn't make the negative comments any less hurtful or problematic.

Just two months after Chyna confirmed her relationship with 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay (real name Jay Bradley), rumors surfaced on Monday that she might be three months pregnant with his child, according to InTouch Weekly. As for the evidence that Chyna is expecting, a supposed witness reportedly saw Chyna "rubbing" her bump at Los Angeles International Airport, according to The Sun. *Insert eye roll here* And if the gossip is true (emphasis on if), this will be Chyna's third child and Bradley's first.

Of course, people have *a lot* of thoughts about Chyna's supposed baby news. And sadly, most of the commentary is negative.

For starters, some fans are upset that Chyna is rumored to be having a child with someone 11 years her junior — despite the fact that they're two adults in a consensual relationship.

"Blac Chyna is high key a predator," one fan argued. "A big 30 year old in a couple weeks getting pregnant by a fresh 18 year old. it smells."

Another person chimed in: "Blac chyna is gross. if she’s not playing a suicidal man for revenge she’s getting pregnant by an 18 year old when she’s 30. she’s a predator. her body gross too n that’s not body shaming bc it’s not even her body."

"Blac Chyna is pregnant for a little kid who's barely legal," someone else added. "I feel sorry for the unborn baby because it's gonna have another baby instead of a man looking after him/her..."

Woof. There's a lot to unpack here, right? Besides the fact that there is nothing "predatory" about two adults dating, there's a sexist double-standard going on here that needs to be addressed. As most people have probably noticed, there's typically a lack of outrage when an older celebrity male has a child with a younger woman. But when a older woman conceives with a younger guy, all hell breaks loose and people start throwing around the words like "predator." Trés interesting.

As for the other issue that has people riled up, it's the fact that Chyna has children with multiple partners.

"If blac chyna reaaaaaaaally pregnant again.....idk i mean....her children got 3 different fathers," a fan commented.

"Guarantee you Blac Chyna will be pregnant with someone else’s baby next year," another person wrote.

"Blac Chyna had 3 different kids with 3 different fathers. What do you call that?" someone asked.

Obviously, there's nothing "wrong" or irresponsible about having children with multiple people. Having three kids with three different partners doesn't affect someone's ability to parent and it shouldn't be used to shame someone for their sexuality. And, once again, it appears that this criticism is also a sexist double standard. I don't seem this same hate leveled against the long list of men in Hollywood who have children with multiple women.

Still, it's unlikely that these glaring double standards will silence Chyna's haters anytime soon. One can only hope, however, that fans start to ask themselves why Chyna is subjected to so much judgment when other celebrities are seemingly immune to criticism. No parent deserves to be attacked on social media, and Chyna is no exception.