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Ryan Gosling Says 'Women Are Better Than Men' & Becomes Most Beloved Man In History

Hey girl! Did you know Ryan Gosling thinks you're cool? Actually I'd like to move that we nominate Ryan Gosling for the "wokest bae hall of fame" after a recent interview he gave that proves once and for all he's just as pretty on the inside as he is on the outside. Ladies, gird those loins because in that same interview, Gosling said "women are better than men" and cemented his place as the most beloved man in the history of forever.

And don't think that's Gosling's just a feminist tease, because he went on from there. "Women are better than men," he said in an interview with The Evening Standard. "They are stronger. More evolved."

Gosling's even more of a ladies' man these days than in the past, considering he's surrounded by a squad of ladies including his mom and sister, who he credits with raising him, longtime partner Eva Mendes, and two baby girls, older daughter Esmeralda, and new baby Amada . And it sounds like the gorgeous hunk of man is perfectly happy being one of the gals. In fact he considers himself to be about 49 percent female. "Maybe 47 percent," he said, "it depends on what day you catch me."

I can't anymore. Dying. Dead. But wait! There's more! He's also "With Her."

Gosling is a famous Canadian, but still took the time to throw his shredded weight behind Secretary Hillary Clinton, saying he thinks the White House "needs a woman's touch." Which is the perfect excuse to revisit this meme:

The entire interview is studded with nods to Gosling's popularity with the ladies, and men too. The interviewer, Stephanie Rafaneli writes about how women just seem to lose their mind in Gosling's presence. Which is completely understandable.

"Three waitresses traipse into the room, we're occupying and bring a pot of coffee," she writes. "They fumble and faun until I am forced to shout 'Ladies! Please! Outta the room!' I must say the way women behave around him is remarkable."

Gosling also recounts the dark side of his crushing good looks, when as a boy he was also the target of many reportedly twisted men. "When my mother and I walked into a grocery store, men would circle the block in cars," he said. "Very predatory; a hunt," he said.

No wonder Gosling relates so well to women, to being treated like an object. It sounds like Gosling's been grappling with both men and women foaming at the mouth over him his whole life. That can't be easy. And perfectly explains why Gosling and Mendes are so obsessively guarded about their private lives.

But things are definitely looking up for Gosling these days. He's starring a summer comedy The Nice Guys with Russell Crowe and surrounded by his crowd of beautiful, smart, and funny ladies, and he seems perfectly happy with the arrangement.

"My home life now is mostly women," he said. "They are better than us. They make me better." Eva Mendes is one lucky lady.