Ryan Reynolds Adorably FaceTimes Jake Gyllenhaal

Imagine this: You're walking down the street, pushing your kid's stroller along. Your cell phone keeps buzzing, but you ignore it. The buzzing's stopped, so out of curiosity, you decide to look at your phone. Oh, what's this? Your pal, Jake Gyllenhaal, has FaceTimed you a couple of times? How do your respond? Well, if you're the star of Deadpool, you return the video call, sidewalks and strollers be damned. At least, that's what happened this week when Ryan Reynolds FaceTimed Jake Gyllenhaal with his daughter Ines while Gyllenhaal was taping Late Night with Seth Meyers. And now I feel the need to Skype my best friends.

Here's the backstory, according to E! News: Gyllenhaal visited the Late Night host to talk about his new sci-fi movie Life. During the course of the interview, Meyers questioned the 36-year-old actor about his friendship with Reynolds, who co-stars in the science-fiction horror film. Gyllenhaal at first pretends to not know Reynolds, but later cops to their bromance after some ribbing from Meyers. Meyers (jokingly) doesn't believe it and challenges Gyllenhaal to call Reynolds. "Are you going to try to FaceTime him so you can prove it's Ryan Reynolds?" Meyers asked the Donnie Darko star.

And that's exactly what he does.

Unfortunately, his efforts are for naught. Reynolds doesn't answer the phone, leaving Gyllenhaal bummed. "It was a nice try, though," Meyers says before telling Gyllenhaal to "put it away so we can cut around this." The room laughs.

Luckily, though, Gyllenhaal left his phone on "just in case" Reynolds decided to call back. And call back he did. During a commercial break, as Gyllenhaal was walking around the Late Night set, Reynolds decided to FaceTime the actor. "He's calling," Gyllenhaal said to the crowd before pointing to his phone with a smug smile. He then drops it like it's a mic and walks away. Realizing his mistake, he rushes to grab his phone as he yelled "Ryan, wait." Oh, you guys.

The FaceTime conversation doesn't last long. Reynolds is on a walk with 6-month-old daughter Ines, his second child with actor Blake Lively, who gave birth in September, according to Vanity Fair. "Here's what I'm doing, pushing baby strollers," Reynolds said as he points the camera towards his daughter. Before hanging up, the Smokin' Aces star told Gyllenhaal, "I'm going to get my lips done, so I'll see you later."

Reynolds and Gyllenhaal have a pretty awesome bromance, as chronicled by People. After Thursday's Late Night episode, and it's pretty much #FriendshipGoals.