Ryan Reynolds' Top Dad Tweets Offer Plenty Of Hilarious Parenting Wisdom

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Ryan Reynolds is a foulmouthed comedian hiding in the body of a conventionally gorgeous movie star, and thank goodness for that. He brings his particular brand of dark, irreverent humor to everything, from his record-breaking passion project Deadpool to his tweets about being a father. That's right — Ryan Reynolds' top dad tweets are freaking hilarious. Do yourself a favor and read them, pronto.

Reynolds and his wife, actress Blake Lively, have two young daughters, so Reynolds is very familiar with sleep deprivation, feeling overwhelmed, and trying to make your kids act like humans instead of demons on airplanes. Thankfully, he uses all the challenges of parenting as fodder for some amazing tweets. And even though he's hilariously honest about those parenting moments that cause you to think back longingly to your pre-baby life, he has also made it abundantly clear that he's thrilled to be the father of little Butternut Summer Squash — er, sorry, little James, age 2, and Ines, who was born back in September.

"I never admitted it out loud, to myself or my wife, but I really wanted a little girl,” he told People, back when his first daughter was born. “It’s the best." While fans are plenty happy for Reynolds and his lovely family, they're also happy for themselves, considering that they get to read all his one-liners about the family's life and mutter to themselves, under their breath, "Yes, Ryan Reynolds, you just get me."

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