Sam's Club
Sam's Club Has Literally Everything, Including All Of These Unique Halloween Costumes

by Cat Bowen

I am ready for Halloween. I have already started decorating my house, I've got a freezer full of chocolate, my apple-picking date is set, and I've started putting our costumes together. Small problem with that one: my daughter keeps changing her mind. One minute she wants to be Peik Lin from Crazy Rich Asians, the next minute she wants to be a zombie. Now she wants to be a UniKitty Princess. What even is that? Thankfully, princess dresses are still all the rage, and they're front and center at the line of Halloween costumes at Sam's Club, so that only leaves me to figure out how to combine a horn and furry ears, I suppose.

The variety of the costumes available to Sam's Club shoppers this year is huge. They've got everything from the ever-popular inflatable dinosaur costumes to huge, whole head mascot-style masks that blow away the competition. Sam's Club is bringing their A game this year by assuring that every costume they offer is detailed and easy for parents. While you may of course add more accessories as you see fit, these costumes really don't need them. The princess dresses are full of ruffles and rhinestones, and outfits like their Ninja Turtle costumes come complete with belt and weapons, which is a load off for parents everywhere.


Alien Head

This mask animal head is out of this world. It's only $20, and it's a complete costume in itself. Sure, you could go for an all-alien outfit, but it would work with anything. Heck, you could just shove it on your kid's head on top of their school uniform and it would still be hilarious.


A New Twist On The Inflatable Dinosaur

Sure, a dino with tiny arms is cool and all, but have you ever thought about being a triceratops skeleton? I mean, probably not, but thankfully, someone had the creative juice to birth this weird creation. Imagine all the Instagram opportunities. Not to mention, it's only $30, which is a steal. I've seen inflatable costumes for upwards of $75 in my local Halloween shop, and that's a lot to shell out if you're on a budget.

This is straight from The Land Before Time after they, you know, went extinct. I want to buy it and wear it to the Natural History Museum's Halloween party. I love a good theme.


Princesses Abound

Look at this precious Sleeping Beauty costume. The detail is bananas. The shawl is draped just so, and the brooch at the center features a locket style image of the princess herself. I am loving the tulle overlay at the hips that sit over the artificial crinoline layers to make the dress feel truly renaissance.


Unicorns For Everyone

Oh my sweet goodness gracious. A tie-dye unicorn mask head. I'm calling it; this is the costume of 2018. I want to see people wearing this on a Mr. Goodbody bodysuit. I want to see it on top of a ballerina tutu. I guarantee it will be worn over Grateful Dead gear and football jerseys, and three-piece suits. This head is just too much, and just $20.


May The Force Be With You

This one comes with the mask and lightsaber for only $21. You cannot beat that price anywhere. I should know, I just spent 20 minutes checking. Every year Darth Vader remains popular because of how cool he is. Who doesn't occasionally want to be the villain instead of the hero. They have so much more fun. I mean, until they inevitably die for their betrayal. But up until that point, it's all fun and games.