Advent calendar for dogs filled with dog treats from Sam's Club
Courtesy of Sam''s Club

This Advent Calendar For Dogs Is Only $10 For 55 Scrumptious Treats

For plenty of families, including the pets in all holiday celebrations is not only fun, it's also a tradition at this point. Now your dog can also take part in one of the best holiday customs of all. Because Sam's Club sells an advent calendar for your dog, your beloved canine can count down the December days with you. Best of all, this treat-filled calendar is surprisingly affordable, so you can gift one to all the dog friends in your circle.

Although traditional advent calendars often feature chocolates, which dogs cannot safely enjoy, this version is filled with plenty of dog-friendly treats for your pup. It's a generous serving, actually. Each advent calendar features 55 grain-free meat treats. (By contrast, my candy-filled advent calendar from back in the day only included 25 pieces of chocolate, so the dogs are kind of getting a better deal here). Each of the treats only include two ingredients, and they're made with flavors such as duck fillet, chicken hamburger, chicken bites, and turkey bites. Selling for only $10, the advent calendar for dogs is available at select Sam's Club locations, as well as online. Because Plus members get free shipping, this calendar could be a super-easy and affordable gift to your dog for December.

Children and adults have enjoyed the magic of advent calendars for decades now, because there's nothing like the joy of finding what little treat lies behind the secret door. Now your canine pal can join in on the fun, too. Just be sure to store the calendar out of your pooch's reach, because they are probably likely to power through all the treats in one go if given a chance. (The same can be said for a lot of humans and their candy-filled advent calendars, too, so no shade to dogs here.) Instead, let your dog enjoy these special treats a little at a time as you count the days until late December.

Courtesy of Sam's Club

If buying an advent calendar for your dog feels a little extra, take heart in knowing that plenty of people totally include the pets in their holiday traditions. This past Valentine's Day alone pet owners were expected to spend $886 million on their dog, cat, hamster, or whatever type of animal they are caretakers of, according to the National Retail Federation. Pets are simply part of the family, and for many families, this includes exchanging holiday presents with them.

So if you're looking for an affordable, fun, (and yes, slightly extra) way to celebrate the upcoming holidays with your canine companion, then consider the advent calendar for dogs from Sam's Club. While everyone else might get a little stressed out around the holidays, your dog will simply enjoy the chance to spend a little extra moment with you each day and chow down on some tasty treats. Share this little tradition with your dog to bring a bit of holiday magic into their already-awesome life. Honestly, seeing your dog go nuts for a new treat every day is a gift all on its own.