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Psst: You Can Get Discounted Tickets To Disney Parks Through Sam's Club

Every kid wants to go to Disney World, that's just a well-known fact. And every parent wants to go, too, but the price of tickets is often an issue for many families and can make a fun trip prohibitively expensive. But good news: Sam’s Club is selling discounted Disney Park tickets and yup, they're every Disney-loving parent’s dream come true.

The ticket specials are part of the launch of Sam’s Club Travel and Entertainment service, according to People, and include discounted pricing for both Disneyland and Disney World. For comparison’s sake, regularly priced tickets for Disneyland cost $104 per day and can get as high as $149 on peak days, according to 23ABC News in Bakersfield.

But through Sam’s Club, single-park tickets for Disney World can be purchased for just $42 for 10-day tickets, as People reported. Those tickets also include the FastPass option which lets you jump the long lines that form at some attractions. There is also a 4-Park Magic option for $87.25 per day, according to People. That grants admission to each of the Disney World parks one time.

For residents of Florida there are Discover Disney packages available for $66 per day for 3-day packages and $54 per day for 4-days, according to PopSugar. Right now it doesn’t appear that there are any discounts available for single-day tickets for any of the parks, but it's still worth celebrating.

If you’re interested in Disneyland, there are also great prices through Sam’s Club. On the company's Travel and Entertainment website, it advertises savings up to 30 percent, with tickets starting at $44 per day. That’s the price for 5-day packages, but People reported that there are also discounted prices available for other multi-day tickets. Again, it doesn’t look like single-day tickets have any discounts but the multi-day packages do include the Magic Morning Pass, which allows you early entry into the parks.

Of course, those prices are only available to Sam’s Club members, so if you’re not yet a member, add on the club membership price of $45 per year. Honestly, with some of the savings you can get through clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club, for most people, that price is a real bargain.

Disney recently announced the opening dates for the much-anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions at both parks. The New York Daily News reported that the kick-off for Disneyland is scheduled for May 31, with Disney World following on Aug. 29. The attraction will host two new rides, though only one, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, will be available on the opening day. The second, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will open later this year, according to the Disney company blog.

From May 31 to June 23, visitors at Disneyland will be required to make a reservation to get into Galaxy’s Edge, the site states, and information on how to make those reservations will come at a later date. But, according to the company site, visitors staying at one of Disneyland’s hotels will automatically get a reservation, so that may be something to factor into your trip plan.

Accessing Disney experiences is always expensive, especially if you’re traveling with a family. But hopefully these limited-time prices from Sam’s Club will make the trip a little less painful on your wallet, and a little more enjoyable for everyone.