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Sansa's Necklace On 'Game Of Thrones' Could Hint At Her Next Move

It's become pretty clear in the past six seasons of Game of Thrones that Sansa's outfits tend to indicate who she's trying to emulate, and how she's feeling in a particular moment. So what about her costuming in Season 7? This new theory suggests that Sansa's necklace on Game of Thrones could hint at what her next move is going to be. Is she going to stay loyal to her brother Jon Snow? Is she going to reestablish an alliance with Littlefinger? Or is she perhaps going to make a totally independent power move of her own?

In the first season, viewers watched Sansa start out wearing typical northern clothes in heavy fabrics in demure and ladylike colors and designs. As she becomes more influenced by Cersei and the South, she begins to wear typically southern fashions in lighter fabrics and wears her hair in the style of fashionable ladies of King's Landing. The most epic visual transformation of course came in Season 4, when Sansa went willingly with Littlefinger to the Vale, and dressed in all black, including her hair, and included a killer chain necklace looped through a large heavy hoop. Recently, Sansa has been seen wearing a similar necklace, right as Jon leaves her in charge in the North.

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Some viewers and online theorists believe that the revival of this necklace means that Sansa is about to realign herself with Littlefinger to gain power. When Jon announced that she would be ruling the North while he was away, her first glance was to Littlefinger. This heavy and powerful-looking necklace could be a mark of Sansa growing up and forging important alliances.

I, however, have a different opinion about the necklaces and their symbolism. Fashionista reports that costume designer Michele Clapton had a very specific idea about the Season 4 necklace. "The necklace was based on the idea that Arya had Needle. At the end of the necklace there’s a point, a spike, which is like Sansa’s smaller version of Needle. It’s a jewelry idea of Needle. She’s finally taking them on," Clapton said. This seems to indicate that the necklace and the whole goth outfit in general was a symbol of Sansa coming into her own, and a way of telegraphing her independence.

After all that she's suffered, learned, and grown, I have a hard time believing that Sansa is going to trust Littlefinger at all again. He, after all, is the one who used her as a pawn for so long and married her off to Ramsay Bolton. I think that this new necklace, which is similar but still different from the first, represents a mature and truly independent Sansa. She may decide to work with Littlefinger again, but this time it will be on her own terms. She wants to make the North home again, and she's too smart to make the same mistakes twice.