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Hey Scorpio, 2020 Is All About Trusting Your Gut

As the year (and the decade!) come to a close, it’s fun to reminisce about the past, but it’s also a powerful time to look curiously at the year ahead. Intuitive and decisive scorpions may be happy to hear that the Scorpio horoscope for 2020 predicts a year of letting go of things that are no longer helpful in order to instead focus energy on yourself.

“Your tendency might be to hold things together for everyone all the time,” professional astrologer Sylvi Osland tells Romper, “but 2020 presents a series of opportunities to loosen your grip a little bit here and there, release some long held tensions, and reassess situations from a cold distance that may not have felt as achievable in the past.”

It's finally the time to make the most of those communication skills passionate scorpions have worked so hard to hone over the past few years. “Scorpio will be highly successful in all communications-related projects this year. Any effort to increase their skills in writing or speaking will go well,” Kyle Thomas, pop culture astrologer, tells Romper.

This could mean that you advocate for that promotion or raise or that you get clear about what you want from your relationships, then ask for it. “With the major planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn in your solar third house you can do great negotiations for what you want. This can bring opportunities for a new job with better pay. You have more luck with negotiating contracts and agreements,” professional astrologer, Donna Stellhorn, tells Romper.

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Beyond strong negotiation, the art of listening is an essential part of communication; Stellhorn says you may have a dispute settled this year with a neighbor or friend, or you could settle a long-standing tension with a sibling if you're willing to lend an ear and really do the work of hearing them. But don’t forget to listen to yourself and trust that innate intuition with which water signs are so in touch. Scorpios are logical beings, and may be more inclined to rely on facts and figures, but this year, you can learn to listen to your gut. This may help you in love, where you can expect the unexpected; in fact, each astrologer I spoke with mentioned the possibility of an ex returning to your life.

“When it comes to love, August and Uranus turning retrograde can bring someone back into your life for a second try. If you approach this relationship differently you have the opportunity to make it work this time," Stellhorn says. "For those looking for love, this can bring a new person into your life but ask yourself how this new person is similar to your ex. Check to see if you're repeating a pattern,” Maybe your goals are more aligned the second time around or you're both in a more stable place, or maybe you're going back to something familiar that has not changed significantly enough to work. Trust your gut to know the difference.

Already in a relationship? “For committed Scorpios, your serious partner may suddenly be craving more freedom and eccentricity. Don’t fight the tide – embrace their free spirit because it will actually help you grow to more beautiful heights together,” Thomas says. And while Scorpios are not usually just along for the ride, you may enjoy stepping out of the limelight and letting someone you love shine.

“This is a year to go all-in on the battles you believe in. This doesn’t need to just mean conflict, however," Osland says. "This could also apply to those passion projects you’ve dreamed about for years, but never committed the time to. It could also be delving really deeply into your own well-being in order to set an example of the care you wish for others. By 2021, expect to have a way more solid concept of which battles are worth your time, and which ones are just distractions."

2020 brings the chance to revisit things from your past (relationships, contracts, jobs) with fresh new eyes. Embrace the clean slate, and above all, follow your heart (and your gut!) into the new decade.


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