One Houseguest Wins The Battle Back On 'Big Brother' & Could Shake Up The Hosue

by Zakiya Jamal

After four houseguests were sent to jury a jury battle back allowed one houseguest to return to the game and continue on to compete for $500,000. So who won the battle back? Scottie won the jury battle back on Big Brother and fans are excited to see what this means for the house.

During last Thursday's episode, host Julie Chen revealed the battle back competition and from that point on people began to suspect who would win. Those competing were Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, and Fessy, who was just evicted on Thursday. Many were hopeful Scottie would win and felt he deserved it the most since he was betrayed by his own alliance member. Well, for all of those rooting for Scottie they got their wish, along with a nice apology from Faysal (Fessy) to Scottie.

The battle back was a physical competition which required the four jurors to get four balls into a tube and then run across the ball pit and tap their buzzer. Fessy got an early lead, getting the first ball in the tube, but Scottie and Bayleigh quickly followed. Scottie then took the lead and ultimately ended up winning the competition. Now that he is back in the house fans are wondering what will happen next.

Following his win, Scottie chatted with Julie briefly about what he plans to do once he is back in the house. Scottie said he hopes to work with Tyler again, though one has to wonder when exactly he and Tyler were ever working together. It looks like his eviction and chats with The Hive has not helped Scottie figure out what is really going on in the house. That said, Scottie did say he would target Angela if he got the chance so at least he is kind of thinking straight. Scottie also said he would target JC, but it actually may be in Scottie's best interest to team up with JC.

Scottie, JC, and Haleigh are all lone wolves in the house, whether or not JC realizes it. JC wants to take a shot at Angela and Kaycee but he got no support from Tyler and only a hesitant maybe from Brett, who is obviously in Level 6 with Kaycee and Angela, though JC has not figured this out yet. If JC really wants to take a shot at the two women he will need all the help he can get and though Haleigh and Scottie's votes certainly will not be enough to send Kaycee or Angela home, as long as JC can ensure they are sitting on the block next to each other for the next eviction night one of them will go to jury.

Whether or not Scottie, JC, and Haleigh can actually trust each other to get this done or even win HOH remains to be seen. The Hive's biggest downfalls were putting their trust in the wrong people and making bad moves. While JC is certainly not the most trustworthy in the house, he is definitely more likely to be on Scottie and Haleigh's side than anyone in Level 6. The only question is will Scottie and Haleigh realize that or make more mistakes?

Fans will have to tune in on Sunday to see, but they are remaining hopeful. Though some are confident Scottie will be sent right back to jury, others believe Scottie might actually have a chance. He is decent at competitions, so even if he does not win HOH and ends up on the block he could very well win the power of veto and take himself off the block if need be.

As Julie always says, expect the unexpected. For all we know, Scottie could go on to win this game if he plays his cards right. We'll just have to wait and see.