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These 'Scream Queens' Season 3 Theories Are Insane

Scream Queens Season 2 came to an end with more of a whimper than a bang. There weren't many wild twists and turns, given that the three Green Meanie killers had all been revealed weeks earlier, so the season's tenth episode was more about tying up loose ends and resolving each character's arc. Of course, this being a Ryan Murphy creation, though, the show had to end on a shocking cliffhanger that immediately set us off wondering about possible Scream Queens Season 3 theories.

"Drain the Swamp" saw the deaths of the last two remaining Green Meanie killers, effectively offing every newly-introduced Season 2 character except for Brock. Hester and Brock wound up living in a murderer's paradise on Blood Island, Chanel Number Five and Zayday were running the CURE Institute, and Chanel and Chanel Number Three were starring on and running the show that Chanel took over from the dearly departed Dr. Lovin.

Everything seemed to have worked out just swell for the Chanels in the end — and Chanel's delightfully tone-deaf speech about getting everything she deserves was priceless — except for one small thing. In the final moments of the episode, newly-rich (again) Chanel left a creepy abandoned studio lot only to be attacked by yet another killer — this time, one wearing the old Red Devil costume.

Who is this killer? Why are they now after Chanel? If the show is picked up for a third season, will this person be the main antagonist? And where will it take place? These are a few of the most pressing questions we were left with thanks to that shocker of an ending, and the ones addressed by the best Season 3 theories.

1. Grace Was The Red Devil In Chanel's Car

Season 1's hat-wearing ingenue is easily the most likely suspect for the new Red Devil killer — if indeed the person wearing the costume in the backseat of Chanel's car is there to kill her. Think about it: Grace has all the motive in the world to turn into a killer. She'd gone completely insane, according to Wes, due to the experiences she'd had at Wallace University. Wes blamed the Chanels for Grace's condition, so it follows that Grace would blame them too (even though, technically, nothing that happened at Wallace was actually the Chanels' fault, but whatevs).

Plus, the fact that Grace's father, the only person she had left in the world, died while seeking vengeance on her behalf against the Chanels would easily be the event that tips Grace from merely deranged to deranged-and-murderous. The KKT bauble that was left for Chanel to find in her car also points to Grace being the costumed mystery person — as a former Kappa sister, Grace totally would've had access to something like that.

2. Chad Was The Red Devil In Chanel's Car

If the new Red Devil isn't Grace, odds are it could be Chad Radwell. I know what you're thinking — he's dead as a doornail, right? Well, maybe not. It's entirely possible that Wes (who confessed to the murder) might have thought he killed Chad but, being an admittedly bad murderer, botched the job. We've seen characters elaborately fake their own deaths before — Boone Clemens, Hester's twin and the second Red Devil killer in Season 1, for starters. Perhaps Chad took a page out of Boone's book. After all, Chad was experiencing some serious cold feet prior to his wedding to Chanel. Faking his death to get out of marrying her seems like just the sort of overreaction Chad would go for.

As for why he'd be hiding in the back of Chanel's car as if to kill her, that's an easy enough explanation. Another Red Devil apparent attack formed the cliffhanger of Season 1, and as it was later clarified that Red Devil was just costumed Chad trying to prank his ex in the insane asylum. Perhaps he's doing the same thing again here.

3. Nurse Hoffel Was The Red Devil In Chanel's Car

Viewers saw Hoffel sink into the swamp, apparently dying a horrible death despite Cathy Munsch's last-minute attempts to save her. But again, this is Scream Queens — nothing is ever quite as it seems, and we've seen characters survive more dire circumstances before. Remember Chanel Number Five getting stabbed in the back?

If Hoffel survived, it's obvious that she would want to continue her quest to off the Chanels. The Red Devil tie-in doesn't make a ton of sense, but the show has explained away more questionable plot twists in the past.

4. Season 3 Will Take Place On Blood Island

Hester and Brock are enjoying a luxurious life on the extremely deadly island, courtesy of the money they stole from Munsch. Blood Island has been a recurring joke all season long, so who's to say the show won't find a way to have its next murder mystery set on the evil island?

Every season is largely confined to one main location — Season 1 had the KKT house and Season 2 had the C.U.R.E. Institute. I could easily see the Chanels being forced to seek out Hester and Brock for some reason next season, leading them all to Blood Island. Or, even zanier, a Lost-style plane crash could also put them in that tropical locale against their will.

5. Season 3 Will Go Back To Kappa House

Particularly if Season 3 were to be the show's last, it makes sense for the series to go full circle, bringing the delightfully sassy Chanels back to their former sorority stomping grounds to settle the score with multiple villains from their past. The Red Devil cliffhanger seemed very purposeful, and that connection to KKT is clear. Plus, Season 1 was the better season of the two, by a landslide. Perhaps returning to that old setting — with the Chanels returning to Wallace as professors, or something equally bizarre — would be a great way to replicate that earlier success.

Whether any of these theories are borne out or not, one thing is for sure — we're definitely not ready to say goodbye to the Chanels forever. Fingers crossed for a quick Season 3 renewal!