PSA: You Can Get A Free Lollipop From See's Candies On National Lollipop Day

Can I let you in on a little secret? I honestly love all the national food holidays because they give me an excuse to stuff my mouth with the goodies I usually tell myself I shouldn't eat. My sweet tooth is legendary, so my inner child is jumping for joy that this Saturday, July 20, See's Candies is giving out free lollipops this weekend. Props to the National Confectioner's Association, or whoever is responsible, for this v. important "holiday".

If you haven't had the pleasure of devouring See's Candies, let me bring you up to speed. See's Candies is a beloved California-based candy company that's been around since 1921. I think being in the candy business for nearly 100 years is enough to prove they have it down to a delicious science. Along with their chocolates, brittles, and toffees, they have classic "Lollypop" flavors you need in your life: coffee, butterscotch, chocolate, and my personal favorite, vanilla. I also have my eyes on their Café Latté and Root Beer pops. The promotion is also a great chance to try a flavor you've been on the fence about, or simply just to get some free candy.

To get the deal, just pop into a See’s Candies shop near you and pick up a free Lollypop (find the closest location to you on their website). The offer is only valid for in-store customers. Consider it your chance to show off your treat in public and make everyone around you jealous. You can walk around humming the classic Chordettes song "Lollipop" (oh, lolli lolli lolli) until they get it stuck in their heads all day.

Even better: no purchase required! Yes, you can literally stroll up to a store and ask for a free candy and they'll give it to you.

It's important to note that there is a limit of one free Lollypop per customer, so that means you can't grab another one for someone back at home, or anyone else who can't come along for the ride — not for free at least. If your kid happens to find the wrapper in the car or your purse (busted), you can shrug helplessly and let them know that there was an extremely strict rule that explicitly stated one per customer. They don't even need to know that the rule applied to freebies only.

If you can't stop at just one See's Lollypop, (or you're in a sharing mood), the company is also offering 20 percent off their Lollypops from July 13 to July 20 (excluding their Chocolate Coconut Lollypops and In-Store Single Lollypops). The 20 percent discount offer is only available in-store and online while supplies last, so catch all this goodness while you can. And if you're really about that Lollypop life, you can sign up for their sweepstakes to win a year's supply of free See's Lollypops.

One of my favorite memories as a kid is nursing a lollipop down to the stick, leaving my hands and lips sticky with syrup. There's something just so carefree about sucking on a lollipop — even better if it was free.