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Seinne Highlighted The Importance Of Representation On 'The Bachelor'

Historically, The Bachelor has had something of a representation problem. The show addressed this somewhat when they made Rachel Lindsay the Bachelorette. But on Monday night Seinne's date with Arie on The Bachelor highlighted the importance of representation and Twitter was totally here for it. By the way, I am here for it too. Everyone deserves to feel like they can have a televised love story with a handsome stranger, Seinne.

The date started with some very romantic parasailing at Lake Tahoe, followed by a chat on the top of some mountain, where it honestly looked like the two were struggling to have a real and interesting conversation. Luckily, the good stuff came later when Seinne explained just what it was like for a black woman on this show, knowing that black women generally lack representation on The Bachelor. This, she said, made it hard for her to imagine herself as the lead in any kind of love story shown on television. I don't know if Arie completely understood everything that she was trying to say, but Twitter certainly did. It's awesome that Seinne spoke up for the women of color on the show and in the audience. As far as Twitter goes, she's the MVP of the episode.

Not everyone was totally clear on how to spell Seinne's name (it's i after e, guys), but everyone was clear that she is amazing and is quite possibly too good for Arie. And she wasn't afraid to say the thing that was probably guaranteed to make Arie the most uncomfortable. Seinne for President! Or at least for the next Bachelorette. "Growing up, in society in the U.S., you don't see love stories that have girls that look like me," she said. "I didn't have something to look at and say, 'Oh that could be my story,'" Arie responded with something like "Yeah." She continued by explaining, "I am great but there are other girls where it's like this love story looks more appropriate for them." Arie answered by telling Seinne that she is a very strong woman.

Despite the other women speculating that Seinne would go home after her one-on-one date (after all that's what happened with Lauren S. the previous week), Arie seemed genuinely impressed with how articulate, intelligent, and beautiful Seinne is, and gave her the rose on the date. After which they danced to a live performance by Lanco. I think the most astute observation of Seinne came from former Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Diggy Moreland, who is the only former Bachelor person whose live tweets I always watch.

Truer words have perhaps never been spoken. In case anyone's forgotten, Seinne is well-traveled, went to Yale, and said in her ABC bio that if she won the lottery she would buy each of her family members their dream homes then travel the world to do philanthropic work. So she's also a saint — or Miss America.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), Seinne did not get the opportunity to hike around Lake Tahoe on the group date, wherein the women were lucky enough to almost drink their own urine, eat bugs, and get lost in the woods. To be totally honest, I don't see Seinne winning Arie's heart in the end, especially not when he seems to be getting so much closer to other women. However I do think that Seinne would make a fantastic Bachelorette. So let's make this happen ABC. The people on Twitter have officially spoken.

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