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Selma Blair Hopes To Create A "Chic" Fashion Line For People With Disabilities

In a move that will certainly marry two of her greatest passions, Selma Blair is looking to create a fashion line for people with disabilities. The revelation comes months after the actress was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last year, and just earlier this week, she walked the red carpet and subsequently her cane look was the chicest accessory of the night.

Blair understands that people with disabilities are often not prioritized in society, and that when it comes to everything from public spaces to the clothing that major retailers offer, it is clear that not every body is considered in development. However, she wants to change this. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Blair opened up about one of her greatest grievances with her illness, which is that it has made fashion, and getting dressed, so much harder. Of this, she told Vanity Fair, nobody should have to "sacrifice their style" because of an illness or disability.

"I would like to partner with someone like Christian Siriano on a line for everyone — not just people who necessarily need adaptive clothing, but for those who want comfort, too. It can still be chic," she told Vanity Fair. "You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style. Like, let’s get elastic waistbands to look a little bit better." She added in the same interview that perhaps frivolous to others, clothing is a form of self-expression, one that is absolutely pertinent when so much else is deteriorating.

She went on to talk about another accessory that she hopes to not only normalize, but also stylize: her cane. “I bought an acrylic cane that was very Miami 1980 — kind of fabulous and horrible,” she told the magazine. “But the problem with an acrylic cane with M.S. is that you drop the f*cker. If it’s acrylic, I’m like, ‘Oh my God. My cane just shattered and it’s everywhere.’”

However, it's clear that she's made the fashion work for her, as The Hollywood Reporter said she debuted her cane at the Oscars this past Sunday and, well, absolutely nailed it. She paired it with a geometrical gown, and honestly, it was a huge moment for inclusivity. The cane was no longer just a medical tool, it was part of fashion, and that's a big step for anyone who needs such assistance to be mobile in their daily life.

Though some may interpret Blair's diagnosis as a tragedy, she doesn't see it that way at all. In fact, when she first found out what was wrong, CNN reported she said she "cried tears of relief" to finally have an answer, and a plan for management.

Blair first opened up about her diagnosis on Instagram in October of 2018. "I have a job. A wonderful job. I am disabled. I fall sometimes. I drop things. My memory is foggy," she wrote in a post. "And my left side is asking for directions from a broken GPS. But we are doing it . And I laugh and I don’t know exactly what I will do precisely but I will do my best."

Later, in a separate post, she opened up about the concerns she has about her life and her future. "I worry for us. For our way of life. The isolation we live in. How will I earn enough money to live into my years and support my son, and how we can all get the right foods to sustain us," she wrote. "How can I ever pay for meds my insurance denies, how can I help enough people so we can be stronger to help ourselves?"

She went on to say that she's taking it day by day, learning to have faith, and remembering that what's most important is that she experiences joy, and savors her life to the fullest. For this, and in so many ways, Blair is an inspiration to us all.